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The Best Games You Can Play If You’re Unsure What To Do Next In Quarantine

The Best Games You Can Play If You’re Unsure What To Do Next In Quarantine

Quarantine sounded like a great idea when school was in, but now that school is out and we’ve binge-watched every show we could think of, we are bored out of our minds, staring at the same wall since the beginning. Thankfully, games are made to entertain us during times like these when we’re all bored, which we all are. Don’t worry, we have the perfect list of entertainment for you to end your boredom. 

1. Hide & Go Seek

This is a classic game that you’ve probably played a million times as a kid. And you can never be too old to play it. In fact, I think this quarantine is the perfect excuse. Grab your friends or family (whoever you live with) but do not invite people over to play with you, that is not safe, and play Hide and Seek. Before playing, decide on the amount of time everyone has to hide.  

2. Clue

It is imperative to play the game Clue during quarantine because this is where you can find out if you can be a detective or not. I strongly advise playing the mansion Clue game because it has the mansion and beach house, two sides equal two games equal endless fun. You won’t need to worry about being bored. 


3. Candyland

During quarantine, break out Candyland with your family and friends. This another classic game that you can never get tired of but you’ll probably get hungry after seeing the ice cream, cupcakes, chocolates, etc. End your boredom with the game full of fun and your favorite sweets. 

4. Cards Against Humanity 

I don’t advise families with kids playing this comical game, this is more for friends who live together or families with players 17 and up. This card game is hilarious and fun to play but very inappropriate. There is another version of this game called New Phone, Who Dis’, and it’s fun to play for a couple hours during the quarantine. 

5. Guess The Song

If you love music, you’re going to love playing this game. You can play this game through Alexa, a Guess The Song app, or by playing 10 seconds of a song from YouTube or Spotify. You can play alone but it’s best to play with other people around you. If you want to amp it up, I suggest turning it into a competition with teams. Each team has 90 seconds to get through as many songs as they can using Spotify. 


6. Try Not To Sing

There a lot of YouTube videos to help you play this game. All you need to do is put a good pair of headphones on the first player’s head and make sure the bass and treble are good to temp them to sing. The video will play certain songs and the point is for the person to not sing the songs that are being played. You can enhance the game by saying no dancing or tapping or humming. 

7. Song Association

You can find this on YouTube as well! The point of the game is to find a song that is associate with the word given. You have ten seconds, each song. To learn how to play the game you can watch your favorite celebrities play this game. This game ensures fun and tons of laughter. 

8. Singing Bee

Singing Bee used to be a television show on Fox and it is similar to karaoke. Use YouTube or Spotify and play a song. The person who turns it is will need to sing the song while it is playing. Next pause the song and the person has to finish the next line. If they can’t they either don’t get a point or have to do something, maybe take a shot. 


9. Jeopardy 

You can play Jeopardy with Alexa or you can find questions off of Quizlet to play this game during the quarantine. Have three of the household members at the front of the room and they make some ding noise when they know the answer. The player with the most points wins. If you want, you can add prizes to enhance the game. 

10. Hang Man

During the quarantine, play a couple rounds of Hangman with the family and friends. This game won’t last you a couple hours but it’s fun to play and will make time go faster. 


11. Freeze Dance

Another great music game, freeze dance is a game a lot of kids like to play, which is perfect for the quarantine because the entire family can participate, including the kids. Bump your speakers with music and everyone must dance until the music stops. 

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12. Nerf Tournament

It doesn’t hurt to make a quick stop at Walmart to purchase Nerf guns, but if you have them, then that is perfect! Nerf tournaments are fun to have and very competitive. Make teams and make your entire house an obstacle course and let the games begin!

13. Charades

This is another fun quarantine game and perfect for families and friends! If you want to pass the time, you can choose this game, although it does get boring after a couple rounds, mainly when that sore loser starts complaining. 

14. Water Balloon Fight

It’s summer! Don’t let quarantine take away your summer, which is supposed to have fun water gun and water balloon fights. Use your backyard as your personal Wet N’ Wild and soak everyone with water balloons. Not only will everyone have so much fun, but everyone will also want to do it again probably until summer is over.


15. Heads Up, Seven Up

I haven’t played this game for a while but it is fun and frustrating to play because you can never tell who the person who pushed your thumb down is unless you cheat. It’s fun to play and will take up to three hours of your time. Everyone is supposed to have their heads low and a couple people are to walk around and put some thumbs down. The people with their thumbs down are to guess who pushed the thumbs down. 

There’s no need to be bored when you have so many games available to play to end your boredom. I want to know the games you’ve played during the quarantine. 

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