The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

From getting rid of a stubborn pimple to slimming your waist, everyone edits their photos. And we do mean everyone. Even just putting a filter is considered editing. But it can get pretty expensive making your pictures look great. Editing software can cost tons of dollars and paying someone to edit them can be a good idea at first, but it can start to add up quickly. Luckily, there are some free apps for iPhone that can help you edit your photos like a pro.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is a free app that allows you to take pictures or upload and edit them. What’s really great about this app is that it has face recognition and can edit facial features according to which person in the photo is selected. This app has standard editing tools like cropping, stickers, and filters but those are the least impressive things it does.

This one stands apart from other free apps because it has everything you need to make yourself look your best. It has a smooth tool to blur imperfections, slim tool to make things bigger or smaller, a contour feature to add shadow and light to your face and much more. You can make your eyes bigger, nose smaller, and get rid of acne and blemishes.

Not to mention, this app gives you the option to add makeup like eyebrows, eyeshadow, and blush. There’s even an option to edit your hair color. This app does so much for a price that can’t be beat.

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

Pics Art

Calling all creatives! This is the app for you. Pics Art is a free app for all your artistic needs. The app features editing for photos and videos but there is a charge for videos. For free, you can edit photos into collages or pre-made templates.

Although it comes with a couple beauty enhancing tools, what really makes this app different from other free apps is what you can do with stickers. There’s an endless collection of free stickers that you can use to put onto your pictures. You can search anything from quotes to galaxies to elf ears. After you’ve put a sticker in the right place, you can erase the parts you don’t need.

You can make something look like it’s a natural part of you or your background. Don’t like the messy room in your background? Why not put a sticker of a forest in the background? The possibilities are endless.

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies


All my vintage babes, to the front. Filterloop is the app you didn’t even know you needed. Filterloop is stocked with filters that add a more worn look to your photos. In addition to the filters, this app has textures.

Textures are basically filters that only cover a small portion of your picture. Filterloop offers light leaks that make it look like rays of light came into the lens while you were shooting. There’s also dust textures. These make it look like your photo has imperfections that mirror vintage photos or polaroids.

What really makes this app stand out from other free apps is the sheer amount of choices. Once you choose a filter or texture  collection there are several individual filters inside to choose from. When you pick one, there are more ways you can add that filter. Filterloop offers the filter with more contrast, lightening, or in negative, just to name a couple.

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies


All of my Instagram babes probably know about this one as it’s been one of the free apps that have become extremely popular on the platform. Huji is a free app that is basically made to represent a disposable camera. The app allows users to take photos in the app or upload them to edit. When taking a photo, you can adjust the timer, random filter, and the quality of the photo.

If you want to upload a photo, you can get one from your photo album and customise how you want it to “develop”. Disposable cameras were popular in the late 90s so the app gives you an option to upload your photo with the date with the year ’98, the current date, or the date from the photo. You can also add random light effects which help make the photos look like they came from a real disposable camera.

This app’s authenticity and dedication to recreating the disposable camera look, is why this app is a 10. Not to mention, it’s visually pleasing and really cute.

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies


For everyone tired of VSCO (no shade). Putting your go-to filter over your pictures can get boring. Instead, try something different with the free app called Lightroom. Once you upload your photo you’ll be able to alter the brightness, highlights, and shadows. You can also change the temperature, vibrance, and saturation.

What really makes this app cool is that once you feel that you’ve got the perfect filter, you can save those specific settings as a “user preset”. It’s basically a self-made filter that you can use any time you want. Everything about Lightroom is completely customisable.

This app is for those times that you can’t find the prefect filter that enhances your photo without being too obvious that it’s a filter. Lightroom adds a really natural enhancement to your photos.

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

The Best Free Apps For Editing Your Instagram Selfies

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried any of these free apps for editing or which ones you’ll be using after reading this article!

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