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The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

Foodie finds in New York City aren’t all that difficult to search for. Just check out the many Instagram accounts, and Youtube videos detailing all you can eat in the city. If you love food (in general) and the intricately designed food at mood restaurants and quirky finds, then this article is for you. New York City is full of fun places to eat and enjoy some unhealthy options. If you are going to the city for just a day or weekend then divulging in some of these treats will really help you satisfy a sweet tooth. If you are looking to move to the city, then here are the perfect options as to why you NEED to move there! Just so you can try all of these great foodie finds of course!

1. The Smorgasburg

What is a Smorgasburg you ask? It is generally a buffet of things, like food, all put together to make a variety of good eats. And what specifically is the Smorgasburg of New York? A beautiful foodie event in Brooklyn, NY that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. You can get your fill of foodie finds all in one place from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 11 to 6 you can get all you’ve ever wanted in tasty food finds. Just a sampling of what you’ll find: mozzarella sticks that have a cheese pull you cannot believe, colorful hotdogs, and the best donuts around, do I have to say any more about this wonderful foodie event?

If you are around for a weekend in Brooklyn, then the Smorgasburg is definitely the place you have to check out. Oh and they have a Smorgasburg in LA and in DC so if you want to check out more food on the west coast.

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

2. City Cakes

So this may be a foodie stop if you are looking for some good cupcakes or an esquisite birthday cake of any kind. Since 2007 City Cakes has been churning out the most beautiful cakes for every kind of event, along with delicious cookies and cupcakes! Their 3D cakes are absolutely insane! But you can also get custom cakes, custom cookies and wait for it… custom cupcakes! If you have a big event to plan, then City Cakes is for you!

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

3. Brownstone Pancake Factory

The Brownstone Pancake Factory: a mix of cafe, eatery and bar. It may be in New Jersey, but close enough my NYC foodie. I’m telling you, I know crossing the Hudson does not seem worthy of any pancake or delicious milkshake, but think again my foodie friend. This foodie find in New Jersey is one you will never forget! With stacks of pancakes covered with stacks of candy or ice cream you are recieving a chock full of yummy sugar straight to the face. If that’s what you are all about, then this is not just another pancake factory you can miss out on!

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

4. Worlds Best Cookie Dough

New York’s largest cookie dough shop, and they’re not lying! They literally invented the cookie dough stuffed cookie, and I’m telling you right this minute that if you don’t know what that looks like, feels like, or tastes like then get the hell off your phone and grab some shoes. I suggest walking, and quickly over to the Bleecker Street post up.

I’m talking cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, wild berry stuffed cookie dough pie cookies, and for all of my protein lovers trying to get those gains check out the protein dough stuffed cookie…come on now, stop drooling! You thought cheese pulls were satisfying? Check out a nice cookie dough pull from Worlds Best Cookie Dough and you will never look back.

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

5. The Original Goldberg’s Famous Bagels

Headed to Long Island for a nice weekend getaway? Check out the original and famous Goldberg’s bagels. You can find the bagels in Southhampton, LI or most known as wine, beach, and bagel country. If you haven’t yet had a New York or Long Island bagel then you are truly missing out on the doughiest, tastiest, biggest monstrocities you will never regret devouring. They might seem simple, but once you take a bite of a LI bagel, oh honey you’ll never go back to a regular old bagel again.

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

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6. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Cereal bowls, ice cream, and shakes all your foodie dreams await! With a nostalgic feel, the Milk & Cream Cereal Bar takes you back to childhood where your sweet tooth is enriched with sweet flavor after flavor all turning you into a sugar addict one taste at a time. You’ll have to see it to believe it with this one, and once you do see it make sure you leave a good thirst trap for all the non-believers.

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

7. Merchants River House

Mac and cheese in a cone? Girl, what? That’s what I asked myself when I checked this whole Merchant River House place out! And let me tell you, delicious! Right on the water, you can get a nice cocktail, some mac and cheese cones and bring it to your socials to make everyone jealous of your foodie life. If you’re looking to kick back, relax and feel the good vibes then check out Merchants River House so you can grab a cocktail, burger or some flavorful mac and cheese! You’ll get great pics and views on the Hudson!

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

8. Momofuku Noodle Bar

One of the best Noodle Bars in Manhattan. The owner David Chang brings you insane noodles with Asian Fusion in both the East Village and Colombus Circle. They’ve got buns, noodles, beef briskets, what else could you be looking from on the best noodle bar menu? If you love an Asian fusion eatery, then Momofuku Noodle Bar is the place for you! Enjoy your noodles before they’re all gone!

The Best Foodie Finds In New York City

Loved these foodie finds in New York City? Well we’d love to hear about your experiences and if you’ve traveled to any of these places, found them delicious, overwhelming but wonderful in all ways! With all of the great food history New York City has to offer it can’t be difficult to find amazing foodie finds around every corner. So if you know of a great foodie find that is not on this list, let us know about it! Don’t just keep your find to yourself, because this girl right here is hungry and ready to capture a great food moment.

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