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The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

Winter finals can be tough to get through. It’s important to that you don’t eat too much but also make yourself nice and comfortable because chances are, you’ll be sitting at your deck or in the library for a while trying to understand a class that you have not clue how to pass without getting a perfect score on your exam! Here are some, although unhealthy, option when you need a little pick-me-up during winter finals!

1. Chips

If you are looking for a snack while getting your studying on, chips are a great low maintenance way to eat and not have to clean anything but your fingers afterward. This winter finals, study-buddy will have you learning and retaining information while giving you a cozy sense of relaxation! You shouldn’t eat a whole bag of chips, but grab a bowl and get your taste buds going while you study this winter!

2. Cereal

We all have those days where you have nothing but cereal to eat. Most of the time there is no milk either! Having cereal to snack on like Cheerios have help get your mind moving! It’s a great way to have a healthy snack too depending on the type of cereal you like!

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

3. Cookies

If you have time to make cookies, you should always have them while they’re warm. You don’t get the cozy feeling you need to study for winter finals without the warmth! If you don’t know how to make cookies, be sure to buy the store made cookies because when you heat those up, it’ll taste like you just made them!

4. Fruit Gummies

For those of you who love gummies, they are a great snack if you just have one or two packs. Some are even good for you (if you don’t too many)! They are great for the “I got to run and study at the library” snack and to take to class. Not to mention the sensation of chewing them will make you more focus and ready to rock and roll during winter finals this year!

5. Pretzels

Are you looking for something salty but can’t put your finger on what you want; get some pretzels! They’ll take care of the need for a little crunch and salty taste that comes along with it. Pretzels are easy to clean up as they leave no mess and leave your stomach happy! It’ll have your brain firing knowledge into your memory bank during winter finals!

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

6. Brownies

We all have that one food we love and never have the time to make! With brownies, you’ll get the chance to relax while baking them and create the best incense for  your apartment. This chocolaty goodness will relax your senses and clear your mind of unusefulness your brain doesn’t need for your winter finals!

7. Soup

This warm and fuzzy creation will have you warming up to your winter finals by leaving you with the test of cheese or whatever soup you love! It’ll leave you closing your eyes and taking in the aroma of a nice warm soup during this semester.

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

8. Skinny Popcorn

The smell of popcorn is great for watching movies with friends! But there is a different type of popcorn that doesn’t involve making and doesn’t have the butter to make is as bad for you! It is a great option is you need something a little salty and has a little crunch to it as well! This popcorn will leave enough to munch from for a couple days and will make you satisfied that you got so much studying done in the process!

9. Candy

You shouldn’t eat too much of this food, but this is great for when you have a sweet tooth that you can bite when you are studying! You don’t have to cook it, clean it, or refrigerate it! It is great if you just need a little snack to get you through the slump of study for the third hour in a row. The best part about candy is getting something that you can suck on so the taste lasts longer and you won’t have to eat something else for a little while!

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10. Chocolate

Chocolate is great is you need  something that is rich in flavor but lets you be satisfied when eating a  little bit of it. Chocolate is great with pretzels and can give anything salty a great taste! It’ll put you in a mood that will make you dance for a minute while typing on your computer while also listening to music!

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

11. Pizza

You’ll have your taste buds wanting the delicious taste of pizza tonight! Pizza is a great food to make during the winter finals season because of the versatility it has with different toppings. You can make your pizza into anything your heart desires!

12. Anything with Noodles

Noodles are one of those foods that are great with anything you pair them with. Do you want Alfredo noodles? Noodles with rice and sauce? Anything you can imagine can be mixed with noodles. Plus, you can choose between so many types of noodles that your winter finals will come with such ease!

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

13. Ice Cream

When you are cramming for an exam that is the next day, ice cream is a great study buddy that will get you hype up from the sugar high and will keep you up until you get what you need to cram into your head crammed as far as you can get it! You won’t want to do this often, but ice cream is great for the soul!

14. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is probably to great creations ever known to mankind! The cheesiness of this food with make your stomach want it right now! Homemade or out of the box, this food is great when study because of the focus it bring with the warm flowing through your body!

The Best Food To Eat When You’re Stressed AF About Winter Finals

What do you eat during finals week to help you stay focused? Do you love this list? What ones are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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