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A Guide To Finding The Best Fitting Bikini Top For Your Bust

The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and the hot coffees are being traded in for their icy other halves… that’s right, it’s finally summer! Which means if it isn’t already bikini season where you live, it will be soon. So, the last thing you want to do is throw on an old bikini from two summers ago that makes you feel the opposite of confident. But what should you be looking for the next time you go swimsuit shopping? What style is going you make you feel your best? It can be overwhelming, but I am here to help. Here is the type of top you should buy based on your body! Take a look at our list of best fitting bikini top for your bust looks that you will love.

Structured Bra

The bikini tops that look a lot like a underwire bra are actually flattering on two types of busts; small and large. If you are lacking in the chest department, these tops can give you a bit more shape. They are usually padded and are already set in there rounded form, so they don’t require boobs to fill them out. However, if you have larger breasts this top might work for you for other reasons, mainly support. Although this top makes big boobs look even bigger, they also offer lift in ways other styles don’t. I would recommend this for the well-endowed ladies whose melons don’t quite stand at attention. This is one of the more structured best fitting bikini top for your bust looks.

Triangle Top

This is my go-to style. It is perfect for those girls who have more than an A and less than a DD. It offers enough support, as long as the straps are thicker than dental floss, and gives the separation needed for those who are naturally full busted. As great as this style is, I wouldn’t recommend it for flat chested women or those who wear two sports bras at the gym. If you do have a small chest, the triangle does nothing to add volume in that area, but if you have a lot, the top usually doesn’t do the job as far as covering up or giving support. This is a best fitting bikini top for your bust that you will love!

Sports Top

These are all the bikini tops that have one piece of material covering both breasts… usually looks sporty. They may be adorable, but they are only really flattering on two types; small and enhanced. The top looks like it offers support, but if you have large, all natural, breasts, it can actually just push them together, leaving you sporting a uni-boob… not cute. However, if your breasts are surgically enhanced to stand on their own, this top can be perfect for you! And it doesn’t look too shabby on those with smaller breasts as well, mostly because it adds more material to that area of the body, balancing out with the bottom half.

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Which best fitting bikini top for your bust do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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