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The Best Fitness Trackers Of 2019

Are you keen to get in shape ASAP? Here are the best fitness trackers of 2019 that will help you along with your fitness journey!

1- Huawei Band 3 Pro

One of the best fitness trackers currently. It is a thin, light and fashionable fitness tracker. It is water resistant with an impeccable battery life that can last up to 7 hours, and 14 days if put on standby! It monitors the heart rate and sleeping patterns and comes with a built-in GPS that can simply track your workouts without necessarily having your phone with you.

Although it may have a cheap look to it, it comes in 3 colors: black, blue and gold! This fitness tracker looks pretty and simple on the wrist and does the job considering its multifaceted features!

Best for: different indoor and outdoor activities but it is also a suitable product for underwater activities.

2- Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitness Inspire HR is another fitness tracker on a budget! Fitbit Inspire HR has a bright screen, with each tap on the screen, you can easily cycle through your heart rate, step count, your burnt calories and your sleep patterns, etc…

It is quite similar to Fitness Charge 3 in many aspects. They come with interchangeable bands that can match your outfits if needed. Fitbit Fitness Inspire HR and Fitness Charge 3 can be synced with the Fitbit app! The Fitbit app measures your daily activity and you can manually log your food and water intake. Furthermore, you can share your results with your friends and set up challenges to compete with them which makes it a valuable and exciting experience!

A few differences between the two models include slight alterations in terms of design preference and battery life. Fitbit Inspire HR is cheaper than Fitbit Charge 3, in addition, Fitbit Inspire HR’s battery life lasts about 4 days.

3- Apple Watch Series 4

This watch screams ELEGANCE. What is most attractive about the Apple Watch Series 4 is the vibrant colors and the refined and smooth presentation. It comes with a built-in GPS and a much louder speaker than the previous Apple Watch Series 3. Though disappointingly, its battery life lasts up to 6 hours only of ceaseless outdoor activity tracking, Apple, however, presents other features that compensate for its battery life.

The watch’s lustful visual appeal drives consumers towards it instantly, for the most part. It complements different accessories and bracelets that you may stack on your arm.

Even though it is extortionate, it comes with a full-featured fitness tracker suitable for the health and fitness geeks!

The data displayed on the screen is bigger and easier on the eye whenever you’re on the go, or running on the treadmillmeaning that you don’t have to worry about tripping!

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The Series 4 can automatically detect your workout and detects hiking, pilates, yoga, indoor and outdoor running, walking, swimming, elliptical but not cycling. What’s cool about this is that it alerts the runner if they are below or above their target pace!

4- Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a smartwatch that has a 7-day battery life! It is a stylishly wearable watch but doesn’t come with a colored screen. Fitbit is an all-around fitness tracker and has the ability to automatically recognize your workouts! In addition, it is phenomenal for women since it can track their menstrual cycle.

Battery life is crucial for fitness trackers and the fact that its battery does not require charging every day makes it unique of its kind, especially since it is able to monitor and keep all your data for 7 days straight, no sudden hiatuses!

Besides its spectacular attributes such as sleep, fitness and heart rate tracking, Fitbit Charge 3 has a social networking attribute to it which allows receiving and responding to text messages and phone calls!

Which fitness tracker is your favorite of all time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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