The Best Feminist Podcasts To Check Out

I have only really gotten into Podcasts in this past year. Great thanks to my housemate who introduced me to the world of enjoyable commutes. Podcasts were something I had never really considered listening to. I don’t really know why. Since listening, I have found they a great and more productive way to learn about the world. Especially when replacing a Netflix binge whilst I’m doing something, or getting bored of my own playlists when commuting somewhere. So yes, I am a new and positive advocate for podcasts. Another great thing about them? There are so many, suited to all interests. Educational, funny, political and so on… I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite and the best feminist podcasts to check out right now, take a look.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

In building up my own download library, a friend introduced me to what is now my favourite podcast. I really have some great friends. My now favourite podcast is, Stuff Mom Never Told You. This is a feminist podcast that discusses a wide variety of issues through a feminist lens. The current presenters, Annie and Bridget, are two wonderfully funny and intelligent hosts. I love this podcast because it is extremely well informed and interesting. The two discuss subjects such as 420, #MeToo, gyms, horror films and more, always using what I regard as a well-rounded and fair feminism lens. My top podcast to listen to, let alone one of the best feminist podcasts to listen to. One of my favourite episodes was when they had on Yeardley Smith, voice of Lisa Simpson and I really loved that. Go listen!

Guys We Fucked

Corinne and Krystyna discuss their personal experiences with sex. I like the podcast because I think a lot of women are afraid to talk about sex. Especially, to talk about how much they enjoy sex and such. So, it’s a really free feeling and fun show. They also discuss more serious topics, all with a feminist, pro-choice and pro women lens.

The Guilty Feminist

The hosts Deborah and Sofie have such great confidence and are so funny. They constantly make me laugh. They talk about a variety of topics and really have a laugh with each other which, I think for listening to a podcast is pretty essential. Top notes for enjoying a podcast: you like their voice, you like the subject, and the hosts have a good flow with each other.

Black Girls Talking

Hosts Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou chat about feminism and racism through a variety of topics. They are so funny and fun to listen to, and they make so many good points. I also love that there are four hosts and they often get guests on too, this encourages a large range of discussion. Really interesting. Check it out.

Bitch Media

Called “back talk” this podcast covers a huge variety of topics. They describe themselves as “the feminist response to pop culture podcast” if that sounds like something you would be interested in, I’d recommend. They have a couple of great sections they do every episode, like their favourite pop culture moment that week.

See Also

2 Dope Queens

This a podcast I have just started listening to. The hosts Phoebe and Jessica host 2 Dope Queens which is actually a live show with a live audience. The show comes from Brooklyn and the two comedians discuss New York city life, sex, hair and moreee! I have really been enjoying it so far, so funny.

The Bechdel Cast

If you’re a big movie fan, and interested in feminism – this is the perfect podcast for you. The hosts, Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus discuss a variety of movies with celebrity guests. They use the bechdel test to dissect movies with a feminist lens.

These are just some of the feminist podcasts I have recently checked out. I remain a loyal Stuff Mon Never Told You die-hard fan. However, I know I have many more podcasts to explore. It’s really empowering to listen to so many educated, informed and interesting female voices every day. Give it a try for yourself. I hope you are intrigued enough to listen to a least one of these.

What are your favourite feminist podcasts? Let us know!
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