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The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

The Fall always makes me want to spend time with friends, curl up in a cozy cabin, and hike in a warm, glowy forest for hours on end. While it feels like everyone always knows exactly where they want to go for summer trips, Fall vacation spots can be harder to think of. As such, here’s a list of fall vacation spots that will satisfy all your vacation needs — whether you like adventure, culture, or some scenic peace and quiet.

1. San Francisco, California

While San Francisco is an exciting and charming place to visit any time of year, the fall season offers particularly enticing opportunities. Free music festival Hardly Strictly Bluegrass takes place during October, allowing you to lounge in Golden Gate Park to the various performances by a slew of international bands. For more mainstream music opportunities, plan your visit to coincide with the Treasure Island Music Festival, which has more popular performers as well as art performances, comedy shows, and a Ferris wheel.

The city itself is endlessly happening with local farmers markets and you can venture to any number of incredible vineyards nearby if you rent a car. The weather, the attractions, and the city itself all might be calling your name this fall.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is famous for its Fall foliage thanks to its location along the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tree varieties, long season, and varied elevations make every direction an opportunity to spot a jaw-dropping view. Even if you just want to drive around in a car with your friends, you won’t forget one second of a trip here.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

3. Clayton, Georgia

For a rustic Fall vacation, head to the Black Rock Mountains and the city of Clayton. This Georgian hot spot offers you access to the mountains at your footstep as well as the Appalachian Mountains just a few miles away. Whether you enjoy hiking, photography, wine tasting, or fishing, this is one of the best spots for it all. Plus, if you’re willing to brave the chilly waters, the Chattooga river has plenty of white water rafting opportunities and scenic waterfalls.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

4. Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

From stargazing at Cherry Springs State Park to exploring the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Wellsboro is equal parts enchanting and cozy. If you spend time in the gorge itself, you’ll see wildlife such as eagles and deer, scattered and babbling waterfalls, and the tumbling cliffs of the gorge itself. Trails range in difficulty and you can always retire to your warm cabin at the end of an exhausting hike for some champagne by the fireplace.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

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5. Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re more of a city person, consider spending time in Boston this fall season. The city is covered in enough trees (and has plenty of park space) to enjoy the Fall foliage, but there also a lot of entertainment options. There are often seasonal exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts, Six Flags hosts Fright Fest each October, and the Freedom Trail Tour covers the rich history of the area while the air is crisp and the weather is perfect. If you want concerts, history, thrills, or just nice sight-seeing, Boston might be the perfect fall destination for you.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

6. West Glacier, Montana

Montana’s scenery is fairly lovely year round, but the Fall season offers stunning vistas with fewer crowds. If you find somewhere to stay in West Glacier, you’ll easily be able to explore Glacier National Park during the days. The stunning white-topped mountains are framed by yellowing rows of the forest, making this one of most scenic spots out West. Rent a cabin, build a fire, and enjoy.

The Best Fall Vacation Spots For 2019

Do you have any favorite fall vacation spots? Leave a recommendation in the comments below!

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