The Best Fall Drinks To Have This Season

Did you know that fall technically starts on September 22 well these fall drinks may be out before autumn but that’s okay. That just gives you more time to prepare for the autumn season. There are certain drinks that seem to give off a fall vibe. You have seasonal drinks that peak during this season because of that reason. Here are some of the best fall drinks to have this season. 

1. Apple Cider

Whether it be alcoholic or nonalcoholic apple cider is a must-have for fall. You go to apple orchards to pick apples to make an apple pie or for the cute photos. Pick pumpkins to carve and make it into a pie as well. Fall is when you get to the orchards and pick the biggest or yummiest looking apple to get. Usually, the orchard will sell apple cider and that’s why this just seems like a fall drink. Apple cider is something you need to try at least once to incorporate into the autumn experience. If you’re not a fan of purchased apple cider there are plenty of recipes to teach you how to make apple cider on your own however it may take a few hours and it’s a bit more difficult than just heating the purchased one and pouring it into a mug. 

Fall Drinks

2. Hot Chocolate

A warm mug of hot chocolate as it warms you wrap your hands around it to warm you up and watch the marshmallows bubble in the drink. This drink will warm you up inside and out, it’s perfect for a movie night or to watch the sunset as you sit on the back porch. You can relax with this warm drink and it’s perfect for the younger ones in your family. You can even drizzle it with syrup and add whipped cream. Hot cocoa even though it may seem as if it is the same it is not. Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder while hot chocolate is made from cocoa beans so whatever you may prefer both are still perfect to have during the fall season. Why not try both and let us know which ones you prefer. 

Fall Drinks

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes 

There’s nothing like the signal of fall when Starbucks finally releases its iconic pumpkin spice lattes. This drink might get called basic but it’s absolutely delicious. If a warm drink isn’t your thing you can get an iced pumpkin spice drink or even a frappe. I have at least one pumpkin spice latte every fall. You don’t even have to find them at Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice flavored coffees are found at the grocery store so you can brew at home. Did you know that in the fall season there are over 1 billion pounds of pumpkins being harvested, that’s a fun fact. No wonder there turned into different things like pumpkin spice.  Pumpkin spice is a mix generally used in pumpkin pie and contains nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and sometimes allspice. This makes for an overall tasty fall drink. 

Fall Drinks

4. Cranberry Orange Mimosas 

Cranberry is great overall but the color of the beautiful red makes like a great fall treat. Cranberry is also harvested during the autumn season from mid-September to early November. That’s why this fruit is great to add to this alcoholic drink. Serve it to your friends during brunch and watch them become amazed. If you haven’t tried cranberry in your mimosas yet then you definitely should. Overall it gives off a nice elegant fall touch. 

Fall Drinks

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5. Chai Tea

This is the perfect drink for when the days start to get cooler and you’re not struggling with the summer heat. Chai tea is the perfect blend of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and star anise. It could be served hot or cold and both are equally delicious. Iced chai tea is great for late august to early September when the summer heat is still lurking and you may still be dealing with humid weather than getting this tea iced is perfect to cool you down plus it will have you looking forward to fall. While a nice hot chai tea is amazing if you’re bundled up in your favorite flannel and beanie and you can see your breath in the air. Chai tea is also great if you prefer tea over coffee and still want the warm welcome of fall. Chai tea may also contain fennel and nutmeg but it is not as common as the other ingredients. 

Fall Drinks

There are five of the best fall drinks to have this season. Autumn is when the days and nights get cooler as we start to stray away from the vicious summer heat and humidity while we are still not at those freezing winter mornings where we rush into our cars or go to scrape ice off of our windshields. An amazing in between from both seasons. Many of us welcome autumn as we bundle up and wait for the release of Starbucks holiday cups and become comfy on the couch to watch our favorite seasonal movies.

We try to find the happiness of seasons in a drink and in this list we have the perfect mix to suit anyone’s needs. Hot chocolate or hot cocoa is great for those who can’t have or wish not to have coffee while apple cider whether it be hard or not is perfect after a fall activity. Pumpkin spice is the ‘it’ drink for the fall as many go to drive-thru coffee shops to savor it’s unique flavor while chai tea is for those who love caffeine but prefer tea over coffee. Cranberry Orange Mimosas are perfect for those elegant autumn themed brunches. Even though cranberry may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to fall it is harvested and peaks during this time which is why added to a mimosa are delicious for those who want to get tipsy the fall way. 

So with these fall drinks on the list let us know which ones you will be trying this fall season and which one you look forward to the most. Is there a fall drink that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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