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The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

Between the frigid winter and the blistering hot summers, many people forget that Toronto can be a beautiful place for fall destinations. While it may be too cold to lounge by the lakeshore, Toronto has a lot of farm country and festivals during the fall season. Due to the immense amount of forestry and greenery Ontario has to offer, Toronto is a spectacular and beautiful fall destination during the months of September and October of each year. 

1. Stratford Festival

A popular fall destination in Toronto is to visit the Stratford Festival. Also known as the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, it is a theatre festival that begins in April and ends in October. It is very popular for putting on Shakespeare plays, classical and musical theatre. However, it is most popularly known for its Shakespeare theatricals due to the nickname of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Since many Canadian schools make it mandatory for students to learn Shakespeare in English class, it becomes a nice field trip for elementary and high school students as well. 

The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

2. Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a local favorite for fall destinations in Toronto. In October, Prince Edward County is famous for its Pumpkinfest, Ontario Honey Festival, and a Scarecrow Festival. Here, you can pick for pumpkins until your heart is content, take cute pictures and maybe even eat some pumpkin pie. Meanwhile, the scarecrow festival allows people to wander the county to view the farm’s scarecrows and see whose is the scariest, Who knows, maybe you will be able to make your own scarecrow?

It is a family-friendly event for everyone no matter what age you go. Since there are a lot of farms up there, you will even spot a couple of farmer’s selling their delicious products for cheaper prices than the grocery store. 

The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

3. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin national park is a beautiful fall destination if you are looking to spend your time absorbing the beauty that mother nature has to offer. As one of Ontario’s oldest national parks, it is a breathtaking scene to visit when the grounds are covered in fallen colored leaves and the only noise around you comes from the animals getting ready for hibernation. Visiting this national park will help you destress from all the problems in your lives as you breathe out the tension, and breathe in mother nature.

You will be able to spot a range of animals such as moose, common loons and a few bears. The park has also created trails along the two rivers. You can now walk along the whiskey rapids trail that looks over the Oxtongue River, and the Barron Canyon Trail which has views of the north. It is like walking through a Canadian safari. 

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The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

4. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is definitely one of the must-see fall destinations. Since fall as slightly cooler weather than the summer, some people might prefer to visit in the fall than the summer. In fact, fall is a great time to visit Niagara because there will be no crowds and cooler weather. You can visit the falls, go into the small towns and take as many wine tours as you want.

Don’t forget to stay at the falls until night time to see the lights festivals and light show. Every evening there is always a light show over the Canadian falls. It is a beautiful sight to see. You don’t want to miss it!

The Best Fall Destinations You Need To Visit In Toronto

Toronto has many fall destinations that are truly breathtaking. Which one will you visit first? Did we forget to mention any? Comment down below what fall destination is your favorite. 

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