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The Best Fall Decor You’ll Want In Your Home

The Best Fall Decor You’ll Want In Your Home

Fall is just around the corner. Which means it’s almost time to pull out all of the best fall decor. If you find yourself unsure of just how to decorate this year this list is for you. Below are the best fall decor suggestions that will make your house feel perfectly warm and cozy. From fall scents to fall patterns there is a fall decor you’ll absolutely want in your house. 


Fall is the perfect time to start burning candles. Not only because it starts to cool down in that season but because fall introduces a slew of new scents. From pumpkin spice to apple spice to more there is a candle just calling your name. Even if you aren’t someone who lives in a place where the leaves change colors and there is a fall harvest you’ll still feel the festive spirit of the season through these candles. 


Scented candles aren’t the only way to go eitner. If you’re someone who doesn’t like burning candles or just wants something on display all the time consider just decorative candles. Simple tea candles are perfect for displays both inside and outside. Plus if you use flameless candles with a timer they’ll keep your house lit without worrying about a fire. 


It’s true that most flowers die this time of year but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have bouquets. The one pictured below takes advantage of the abundance of beautiful leaves surrounding us this time of year. Having a leaf bouquet is unexpected and fun. Or you can easily create a bouquet using fake flowers that come in deeper shades like oxblood, burnt orange or muted yellows. 



Another way to change up your home is to invest in this fall decor staple. Hang a sign up with seasonal words. This is something that any crafts store would have or you can even let your artistic side shine by making it yourself. 


Decorative Pillows

The season of fall is all about being cozy, which means lots and lots of pillows. If you already have decorative pillows swap out the shams for ones more fall appropriate. If you don’t this is the perfect time to invest in some couch pillows. Not only will they make your Netflix or reading experience cozier it will also bring together a room without having to go all out. This is a great fall decor choice because it’s timeless. 

Throw Blankets

If you’re going to have decorative pillows you’ll definitely want a quality throw blanket or two. These are perfect for just fall decor visually and they’re practical. When the evenings start getting longer and the weather becomes a little cooler you’ll want to keep a few blankets around. 


Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights aren’t just for weddings and hanging lights outside aren’t just for Christmas. If you’re looking for some fall decor outside of your home consider wrapping leaf garlands around your fence and placing outdoor lights in them. They’re unexpected and will help in actually giving your doorway a little extra light. If you don’t have a good entryway you can always translate this fall decor inside as well. 



A simple way to show the world you’re ready for the season is through door wreaths. Pick up one that incorporates the colors and the staples of the season. The one below has vibrant leaves, flowers, berries and the wreath itself is made up of what looks like dead branches. 

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This is another practical fall decor item. Having a doormat isn’t just welcoming it can also prevent people from bringing in dirt into your home. The one below is simple yet adorable. There are plenty of other ones that are more vibrant or equally simplistic. 

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

You can’t have fall decor without some pumpkins. This is the unofficial mascot of fall, and the perfect piece to decorate your house with. You can obviously use real pumpkins and carve them or paint them. If you’re wanting them to last all season you might want to invest in some fake ones.


Table Centerpieces

Even if you don’t actively have a ton of dinner parties a nice centerpiece is always welcome. Create one using a variety of leaves, candles and even a few mini pumpkins like the one below. When you do have guests over they’ll be impressed by your fall decor skills. 


Counter Tray

A cute counter tray like the one below can help store items on your counter in a more festive way. You can build yours to be more spooky or is simply make it be more harvest. Whatever fits your vibe will surely impress your guests. 

What fall decor will you be trying in your home? Comment below!

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