The 10 Best Fake Eyelashes Brands To Know About


Sometimes our finished look just doesn’t feel complete without adding a pair of amazing false lashes. Whether we are hitting the big city for the night, going out with the girls, prepping for a holiday party or getting ready for that big date, a pair of lashes can make us feel beautiful and confident! With so many fake lashes out there to choose from, how will you ever decide?! To help you out, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best fake eyelashes brands that you should know about. Whether they’re long lasting, real mink or super affordable, these 10 brands all have something amazing to offer!

1. Huda Beauty Lashes

Huda Beauty lashes are one of the most well known brands among the celebs. They’re reusable and are amazing quality! Featured on the right are the “Carmen” Lashes.

Huda Beauty lashes are amazing!  Huda Beauty lashes are amazing!


Huda Beauty lashes are amazing!

2. Lily Lashes

If you watch KUWTK, you’ll notice all the to-go lashes are Lily. Kylie even gave them a shout out on how brilliant the 3-D mink strip is! These falsies are guaranteed to last 20-25 years, are stackable and reusable. Sounds like the deal of the century. Featured on the two girls below are the “Miami” lashes!

Lily lashes are amazing!   Lily lashes are amazing!


Lily lashes are amazing!

3. Sephora False Eyelashes

The Sephora Collection Lashes are awesome and pretty affordable. You can’t go wrong with these. Jet Black. Thick. Goes great with anything. Especially a Smokey eye!

Sephora false lashes are the best!


4. House Of Lashes

House Of Lashes are great because all of their lashes play up your natural lashes without going too overboard. Pictured below the chart are the “Noir Fairy” lashes!

House of Lashes makes great fake lashes!

House of Lashes makes great fake lashes!


5. Tarte Tartiest Pro Cruelty- Free Lashes

You can choose between “Little Black Dress”, “Goddess”, and “Flirt” for Tarte’s Cruelty Free lashes. These are also amazing because they are meant to look super natural and are totally resuable!

I love Tarte's fake lashes!6. Ardell “Wispies”

The “wispies” from Ardell’s Collection are probably the most popular and best selling pair. Not only are they cheap, there are multiple pairs in one package!  Talk about a deal! They’re bold, cheap, and reusable. Even Halsey is a fan of them!

Ardell fake eyelashes are the best!



These are great- they provide the best pop of dramatic flair and with over 50 styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re on a date, at the club, or wherever, they’re comfortable. Handmade with synthetic fibers for a comfy application as well!

Makeup Forever has the best fake eyelashes!

8. Thrive Causemetics “Kristy” Faux Lashes

These lashes are made by Karissa Bodnar after losing a close friend who had battled cancer. They have a slight curve and are a great option for women with or without lashes as they will blend in seamlessly to any lash line!

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These Thrive Causmetic lashes are amazing!

9. Velour Lashes

Major Drama. Cruelty Free. Does it get any better? “Fluff’N Whispie” is pictured on the right!


I love Velour fake lashes!   I love Velour fake lashes!

10. Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry Lashes are amazing because they simply have the most styles to choose from. They look awesome on and are a favorite among bloggers and makeup artists! Pictured below the chart on the left are the “Stevi” lashes #43!

Red Cherry lashes are amazing!


Red Cherry lashes are amazing!   Red Cherry lashes are amazing!

Do you know of any more fake eyelashes brands that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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