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The Best Eyeshadow Colors To Try Right Now

The Best Eyeshadow Colors To Try Right Now

Wearing eyeshadow is a very wearable product. With foundations, either they cover or they don’t. Mascara? It either clumps or lengthens. Lipstick, either lasts all day or lasts for 10 minutes. Eyeshadow is wearable no matter how you apply it. Apply a thicker amount and get a bolder color tone, blend it out some and you have an exciting, eye-catching design. Wear a more muted tone with a natural makeup palette, allowing for your natural beauty to be slightly enhanced and beautiful. 

Muted Purples

When it comes to beauty gurus favorite colors for eyeshadow trends 2020, Muted purples are making rounding the corner as a continued favorite. Muted purples can come in many different ranges, from muted grey purples to muted pink and mauve purples, these colors are easy to wear and match with any look. Muted purples can help to highlight the eye’s natural colors, depending on the tone chosen. Purples are very wearable throughout the fall and winter seasons, as they are closely associated with cozy, soft colors however, they are easily worn in spring and summer as well. This allows for a new purple palette to be very versatile and relevant! 


Coral Tones

Coral toned eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful. Coral can also be a very versatile shade, allowing the viewer to see hints of yellows and reds or pinks and oranges within the color. Makeup Brands and influencers alike have fallen in love with the coral shades. Colour Pop’s ORNATE eyeshadow palette features a range of corals including Boheme, Charisma, Fever, and Siren. Wearing eyeshadow in these tones will help to lighten and brighten the face as Corals highlight our natural skin tones and allow for light to compliment the tones. 

Brown Hues

Make your natural eye color pop with a gorgeous brown-hued blend! Brown hues are a natural eyeshadow palette that brings out the natural eye color and compliments any skin tone. They are easy to wear and can be worn boldly or more subtle. Browns will draw out pink tones in lighter skin and yellow or red tones in darker skin. Essentially, depending on the tones you can reduce tones that are unwanted or enhance tones that are wanted in the skin tone. With lighter skin, my skin tends to go very red if I am not correcting it with a full toner or foundation. On the days I want to let my skin breathe but still want to wear a hint of makeup, I will blend a few browns over my eyelid to accentuate my natural tones. Brown eyeshadows are easy, dependable, and diverse!



Like browns, neutral eyeshadows can help to accentuate our natural beauty. Depending on the eyeshadow product, Neutrals can also make a bold statement adding glitter and light reflections to the eye. Neutrals are beautiful in subtle placements, as the entire eye design, or in bold, glitter creams. Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded Palette has a wide range of natural tones and offers them in multiple finishes! 


Scattered Light Glitter 

This is a type of eyeshadow glitter that allows for light to bounce on and off the eyelid, drawing a ton of attention to the eyes. Scattered light glitter is a great way to really amp up your eyeshadow game! Scattered light glitter is available in many forms including creams, dry eyeshadows, and even makeup pens. On your next girls’ night out, blend on the glitter and let your eyes grab others’ attention. 

Baby, Baby, Baby Blues!

Blue can be a difficult eyeshadow color to wear. The bolder the color and tone of the shadow happen to be. Light blues are easier to wear than darker tones. Lighter blues (baby blues) help to highlight a naturally blue eye, making the color of the eye itself more intense. It can also help to add a bit of color to a more natural look, try highlighting the lower lid with a light blue and a neutral top lid! Deeper blues have been seen worn on high fashion runways and at award shows so far this year. This look is fun, sassy, and different, looking best with a specific denim outfit or as a highlight to a more alternative look. 

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Ultraviolet Pinks & Purples

Pink and Purple eyeshadow has always been popular tones because they can be worn very subtly or can be applied to make a real statement. Ultraviolet Pinks and Purples became popular in the 1990s and are returning with a vengeance! These fun and electric colored eyeshadows can liven up a look, helping to highlight a statement color used in an outfit or make the statement with your eye makeup! The possibilities with Ultraviolet colors are endless. Urban Decay is no stranger to creating beautiful and highly popular eyeshadow palettes. People will save up hard-earned cash to purchase one of their palettes. Urban Decay’s Naked Ultraviolet Palette is just another beautiful product that they have produced with highly pigmented colors and fun shades you can rock to any occasion.


Unique Yellows 

Colors with names like Honey, Queen, Golden, Amber, and Hive allow us to automatically think of yellow tones. Yellow reminds us of summer days, sunflowers, and honey bees. It reminds us of warmer times and happy smiles. It’s no wonder that makeup wearers are embracing the color during the long winter months of 2020. Georgies Cosmetics has a beautiful Love is Love eyeshadow palette. This palette offers beautiful yellow tones, along with reds, blues, purples, and neutrals. It’s your all in one palette! 


Eyeshadows can create a bold, intriguing makeup look or help to enhance natural skin and eye colors to enhance the natural beauty we all have. Eyeshadows can appear daring and striking. They can enhance a soft, natural look and be worn as faint or as bold as desired. Eyeshadows are a makeup product that you could (and should) experiment with. They can take any dull look to be fun and flirty, and worn on any occasion.