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The Best Eyeshadow Colors Based On Your Eye Color

The Best Eyeshadow Colors Based On Your Eye Color

Eyeshadow colors can be difficult to pick from a palette for any occasion. Whether you want your make up to match your outfit, or are simply playing with fun crazy colors, the following is a list of everyday eyeshadow colors to wear depending on your individual eye color. These eyeshadow picks are based on what colors will best compliment you, and make sure that your eye color truly pops from the makeup. These eyeshadow colors are intended to accentuate your already beautiful natural features, not direct attention to the color you put on your lid. 

If you have blue eyes…

When matching blue eyes to any eyeshadow color, you want to make sure that the eyeshadow color is on the lighter side of the color spectrum. This is because blue eyes are paler and softer in nature, meaning that if you pick a darker or bolder color, it might overpower the eye itself. By matching blue eyes with lighter colors such as beige, pink, and pale tones of orange, you are creating a pleasing contrast from the eye color, while still blending the two colors well. Unlike most smoky eyes, a traditional smoky-eyed look for someone with blue eyes would utilize a light orange eyeshadow color. Rather than going from light to dark black on the outer lid like someone might with dark brown eyes, blue-eyed makeup lovers should utilize a brighter color to bring out the shine in their iris.

If you have green eyes…

According to the fashion industry, makeup companies, and style history, green and gold is the color match of a lifetime. Whether it be for jewelry and a dress, or eyeshadow and eyes, you can never go wrong with a shimmery gold lid to pair with your unique green eyes. To add a bit of a shine to your every day look, consider wearing a light, glimmery gold shadow over your entire lid. For a more formal look, consider doing a smoky eye with a darker pink and purple toned eyeshadow color. These colors compliment each other on the color spectrum and will tie your entire makeup look together. 

The Best Eyeshadow Colors Based On Your Eye Color

The Best Eyeshadow Colors Based On Your Eye Color

If you have light brown eyes…

Light brown eyes can also be paired with a gold, glimmery shadow, however, another favorite eyeshadow color for those with light brown eyes is light pink. This will add a softness to your eye and entire make up look. For a more formal look, however, do not be afraid to do a traditional smoky eye simply because it is basic. Smoky eyes match the best with brown eyes due to the dark and bold look that the eyeshadow gives off. However, if you want to spice up your formal look, you can add a shimmery blue winged shadow to make you look professional and sexy.

If you have dark brown eyes…

Unlike the other eye colors, dark brown eyes are the best to pull off the everyday dark smoky-eyed look. This will give your makeup a bolder look, and draw out the deep color within your iris. For a more formal look, switch it up, and instead of a smoky eye stick with a brighter eyeshadow tone. An example of this is a bright pink or even red shadow. This will brighten up your eyes and can be fun to match with whatever you may be wearing out. 

If you have grey eyes…

You are the most fortunate if you have glimmery grey eyes. Nearly any color will match perfectly to your eye color, meaning whatever eyeshadow color you may be feeling on that day is the best decision. Bold blues will bring out the blue hue within your eye, and darker colors will make your eyes appear to be bolder. Pretty and unique everyday eyeshadow colors that also match perfectly to duller grey eyes are green and pink. These will give your eyes more life and may make your eyes appear as though they are these colors as well. Being born with grey eyes is a privilege because it is like having a blank canvas on your face that you can paint any color on to make them stand out even more. 

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If you have hazel eyes…

Bronze, copper, and gold shimmery eyeshadow tones are perfect to accentuate your hazel eyes. Brushing gold onto your eyelids will allow the yellow in your eyes to pop a little extra with this glamorous color. It provides a warm, yet stunning glow to your look and will have all the heads turning. Copper and bronze eyeshadows encourage the graceful greens to stand out. This can be tied in with your outfit to match the pop of the beautiful greens in your eye to create a unique and fashionable style.

If you have amber eyes…

Instead of choosing a black smokey eyeshadow look that could make your amber eyes look dull, you should lean toward a more metallic look. You can layer light brown underneath another layer of any metallic color of your choosing. A shimmering pink and purple atop the brown would make for a beautiful metallic smokey eye look. This will create a unique look for yourself and allow your rich amber eyes to stand out. If you crease the colored layer on top of the brown it will create a hypnotic look that will have people staring at the colorful hard-edged eyeshadow you layered.

The Best Eyeshadow Colors Based On Your Eye Color

Whether you want to match your eye color to your eyeshadow or not, the list above provides some insight as to which make up colors compliment eyes the best. Along with this, some contrasting colors can create a more bold and eye-catching appearance. By playing with color tones and color matching, you are able to confidently give off whatever look you wish. Whether it is an everyday smoky eye or a bold and bright purple shadow, stick to what you want and look to this list for the tips. 

What eyeshadow colors best suite your personal eye color? Let us know in the comment section below!

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