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The Best Exercises To Get The Best Results

The Best Exercises To Get The Best Results

Exercising is not always something that we want to do, but it is something that we need to do in order to stay fit. Also, to accomplish all the things that life has in store for us. These are some of the best exercises that you can do to get the best results and the benefits that they provide your body. In no time, you will be well on your way to living out your fit life in no time!


Planks is an exercise that provides you more benefits than some other exercises. The focus of the activity is building muscles and strengthening the core. Because planks are not focused on one muscle group, instead of the whole body. It allows you to get the most out of working out with one exercise that targets more than one muscle group.

The benefits for physically doing planks is improved posture, better balance, decrease the risk of a back injury, and improved performance. All these benefits will help as you do some of your other exercises because you built the foundation with core strengthening planks.

Planks are not limited to the one position of bring in a push-up position and resting on your forearms.

The Best Exercis

They can be as complex to get the best results for your plan.

Full plank with a leg lift

This exercise will give you great looking legs in no time. All you need to do is get in the plank position and lift one leg at a time. It can also be one by getting in a push up stance and rotating lifting each leg.  The movement will give you tone legs, butt, and thighs. Even the exercise is full-body, reduce body fat and boosting metabolism.

Side Plank

The side planks can be used to strengthen arms, wrist, and shoulder. For the full-body component of the exercise movement is the legs are strengthen. The side plank can improve the core strengthen and improve your balance. 

Plank up and downs

There are two ways that you can perform plank up and downs. The first position is starting in the plank position and moving up into the push up stance without lowering your knees. This will strengthen your legs as well as your balance. This is a hard exercise to master, but the more you the practice, the more tolerable it will be. The second way is to stay in a push up stance and bring one knee up to your chest. Doing the exercise this way will help with the movement of your legs. Either position that you try, your whole body will be part of the workout.


The Best Exercises To Get The Best Results

A recommendation is to start with the basic plank and work your way to the other types. It’s best to start with a fundamental strength of the exercise than to jump into one of the harder planks and hurt yourself.


Squats are never easy to do, which means it is the best exercise to tone up your body. Squats help your legs work more efficiently for daily activities, improve your running performance, and prevent injuries. When you master the squats with your body weight, you can add kettle weights to strengthen your legs and intensify the exercises.


If you want better balance, then lunges are for you. When you extend each leg you balances is strengthen so that you will not fall. One way that you can use to keep your balance when doing lunges is walking with weights, but should only be tried if you have mastered balancing yourself pretty well. Lunges strengthen not only your legs but also your buttocks. The lower body is strengthened with this exercise to make you stronger.

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Often times walking does not seem like an exciting enough exercise to do much for your body, but the truth is there are several benefits to the exercise. It just requires you to do the activity longer to see the results. Some of the essential benefits the practices provide a reduced risk of heart disease or stroke can provide weight lost depending about the amount of time that you walk, strengthen your bones, lowers high blood pressure, and help with diabetes. 

Push ups

Push ups are considered an old technique, but skill can give you some of the best results for your triceps, pictorial muscles, and shoulders. Even though this exercise work towards strengthening the upper body, it is still a full-body workout that will improve your core in no time.

The Best Exercises To Get The Best Results


Burpees has to be the most laborious exercise that you can do for the best results. The practice helps you become stronger with the movement. You will burn a lot of calories than a regular exerciser movement. It is one of the most beneficial workouts without any equipment. This total body exercise is a great full body work out that is simple to do. Unfortunately, the more you do them in a given time, the harder it becomes. All you have to do is stand up straight, then crouch down, then move into a push-pull position, bring your legs up to your chest and then jump up. 


Cardio is one of the best exercises for weight loss. The repetitive movement has several benefits that will make you reconsider the pain of getting started. Some of the benefits of cardio are to make your heart stronger. Which is essential with the number of people that are facing some sort of heart disease. Increase your lung capacity. It can lower your high blood pressure by removing some of the stress out of your body.

The Best Exercises To Get The Best Results

Exercising is never something that is meant to be comfortable, and if it were, then there would be no benefit for your body. These exercises will help you be the fittest person that you can be if you stick with it and do not mind the hard work that it is going to take to get fit. These full-body exercises will get you there in no time. So go ahead and get started!

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