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The Best Editing Apps For iPhones

It’s amazing how far technology has come to where you can shoot and edit entire photoshoots on your phone. If you’re someone who is looking to find ways to make your photos pop this list is for you. Below are a few of the best editing apps out there for iPhones. This list has a combination of simple, complex, free, and paid for apps that are meant to give you the best photos. You’ll definitely want to download these and try them out with your friends. 

1. Lightroom

This is probably one of the top editing apps for iPhones. Lightroom for your mobile device is not going to give you the same results you’d get from a desktop, but it’s pretty close. This app will let you manipulate shading, colors, brightness, and more. You can create your own custom presets to ensure all of your photos look the same, or you can purchase presets others made. It will help you clear up photos to the best of your ability. Lightroom is free for mobile but there are added perks you can purchase in app if you don’t already have the Adobe Suite. 


VSCO isn’t just subculture, before teens began naming themselves after this app it was made to simply be another photo sharing platform. It actually came out just a year after Instagram, back in 2011. This app is similar to the popular social media platform but there are key differences. VSCO allows several more editing options and ways to manipulate and personalize photos. There are dozens of presets already created that still allow you to go in and tinker with. The app is similar to Lightroom in the sense that it is free, but there are in app purchases you can make to enhance the experience. What makes this iPhone editing app different from the others it that you can actually share your photos directly on this app, except don’t expect to become an influencer on here because likes and followers are hidden. Which can be a good thing actually depending on how you look at it. 

3. Made

This iPhone app was made to make your posts and stories look unique, eye-popping and extraordinary. Made is basically like a digital scrapbook, it has plenty of free templates you can go in and put your images in. While this isn’t going to actually edit your photos the way that some of the other apps on here will it does so much more. You can create stories that fit the aesthetic of your feed. The film collection is a fan favorite along with the travel collection below, which makes it look like you literally taped your photos together. 

4. Storyluxe

If the name alone doesn’t give it away Storyluxe is an iPhone app designed to perfect your stories. Editing videos on your phone isn’t the easiest but this one is great with videos. It’s designed to enhance your stories. You can add multiple videos at once as well, to potentially add dimension to your posts. This app is free and while you get plenty of templates, presets and backgrounds with the free app for a few dollars a month you can get access to everything. This is a fan favorite from many influencers as well. 

5. Darkroom

This app works like a dream with iPhones. It’s designed to work with iOS and even has an iPad app as well. This app allows for portrait editing, custom filters, curves and color tools, plus it all syncs together well so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of losing any precious photos. You can also create your phone presets and save them to apply to all of your images. 

6. Afterlight 2

This app is different from the other apps in a big way, it’s a one time fee. Where other apps are free with limited tools and will charge you a monthly subscription for access to the entire app Afterlight 2 won’t do that. Just purchase it once, less than $5, and you’re on your way to creating beautiful images. This app has over 130 filters, advanced editing tools, frames, text, and if you like the vintage look you can add things like dust or light leaks over images. Another great part of this app is its ability to undo any mistakes, rather than starting over you can go back until you don’t want to anymore. This app promises no hidden fees and so far has managed to honor that promise. 

7. Snapseed

Snapseed will do everything else any of these apps will do, but the one thing it does that some iPhone apps can’t is its selection tool. You can go into your photo and individually select areas you want to highlight. Say you want to make the background whiter without altering the forefront, you can do that. 

8. Adobe Spark

When it comes to editing apps it’s not a surprise there are two adobe apps on this list. Adobe Spark is actually currently marketed hand in hand with Lightroom. While Lightroom is great for people who want just a good photo this will create so much more. You can create quotes, posters, images with texts, animate photos, and so much more. Similar to Lightroom this app is free, but for a fee or with an already purchased plan you have access to their premium templates. This app doesn’t just work for everyday use either, it has compatibility with brands. You can upload your brand and create custom made content from this app. 

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9. Over

If Adobe just isn’t your thing there is another app that will give you similar results. Over has any kind of template you can possibly think of. It can edit videos, quotes, wallpapers, cards, and even profile pictures. There are plenty of templates for free but the only downside is a lot of the better quality templates require a subscription. The fees cost anywhere from $9 to nearly $300 for a lifetime subscription. Again this is an editing app that is meant to work more with brands or people in the marketing business, so it might not be worth it for the everyday user but if you’re working with a brand or creating a brand yourself this might be worth the investment. 

10. TouchRetouch

This app is meant to remove unwanted images your photos. Like in the photo below you can use it to get rid of the electrical wires going in front of the building. While it isn’t Photoshop and isn’t going to completely erase a building like it was never there this is still amazing for phones. 

11. Huji

This is the easiest app on this list. If you want a quick and easy photo that looks like you took it on a camera from the 90’s this is the app for you. Clicking into the app literally makes it look like you’re looking through a disposable camera. The dates are set to 1998 too. 

What iPhone editing apps do you use? Comment below!
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