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The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

The Best Dry Shampoos When You're Having A Bad Hair Day

We’ve all been there. You haven’t been able to wash your hair likely because you’ve been so busy or the shampoo you’re currently using is making your hair feel oily after only one day. Whatever the reason, bad hair days because of a greasy scalp are no fun. Below I’ve curated a list of the best dry shampoos that will take you from having a bad hair day to feeling like you are ready to take on the day.

1. Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is a welcome surprise for all hair types and the magic, or should I say molecule (you’ll understand in a second), of this dry shampoo is that it actually cleans your hair, not only eliminating the appearance but the actual presence of oil, sweat, and odour.

The main ingredient of Living Proof’s dry shampoo is a Patented Healthy Hair Molecule which removes the powders that helped soak up sweat to actually clean your hair; think of the molecule as the ‘rinse’ out after shampooing your hair … only without the water.

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day2. Batiste

Batiste has to go on this best dry shampoo list because of the variety of dry shampoos available, as well as the rave reviews Batiste has build up over the years. Alongside the original formula, there are multiple scents you can choose from, ranging from Bare (citrusy, leafy green, and vanilla) to Wild (cocoa, amber, and vanilla) to Rose Gold (mhmm!), which is a blend of rose, bergamot, and freesia.

Batiste also has a line of dry shampoos that are hair colour specific, adding a Hint of either Dark, Brunette, or Blonde to keep your beautiful hair as happy and healthy as possible. I recommend looking up all the dry shampoos that Batiste has to offer and choose one that most represents you. Feel confident that your tresses are in the best of hands with Batiste!

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

3. Innersense’s Refresh Dry Shampoo

A natural dry shampoo that turns from a foam into a powder. Now that’s a cool transformation and definitely a factor in helping me choose those worth putting on my best dry shampoo list. The fact that its purpose is to help clean your hair in-between washes? Even better.

Innersense’s Refresh shampoo is made with tapioca starch and witch hazel to help soak up the extra oils at your scalp, while organic honey and Vitamin B provide volume and build strength from your roots to your ends.

This dry shampoo is also made with quinoa (yes, quinoa) to lock in hydration as orange peel oil helps energize both your scalp and your senses. As a result, your locks will not only get a deep care treatment but will also be left smelling absolutely scrumptious. Bonus: If you want a little extra oomphlift and blowdry your hair at its roots.

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day4. The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo

After a busy day out, I come out, know I have to wash my hair, but can’t because it’s too late and I don’t want to go to bed with wet hair. If only there was a way I could ‘wash’ my hair as I sleep, feeding two birds with one palm of food. Oh wait, there is! In comes Kaia Naturals’ Overnight Dry Shampoo.

This dry shampoo is powered by detoxifying activated charcoal to help absorb excess oils, sweat, and odour, all while you sleep. Better yet, this dry shampoo comes in two ‘shades,’ Blonde and Brunette (pictured below), allowing you a little more flexibility when it comes to using a product that is customized to you (Here’s hoping they come out with a Redhead shade in the future!). They also come in full and mini sizes, for your convenience.

Start your day off maybe hitting the snooze button, rather than having to worry about getting up earlier than usual to wash your hair.

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

The Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo comes in two yummy scents: the first, called Lush, is an elixir of violet, sandalwood, and musk, and the second, which is the Original scent, infuses together jasmine, sandalwood, and madagascar vanilla. Both I guarantee will be a treat not only for your hair but also for your nose!

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Drybar is a marvel at haircare, so you’re hair will thank you with any of their products. Perfect for all hair types and made with micro-fine rice powders and golden root extract, this dry shampoo absorbs oils while helping to lift from the roots for a clean, ready-to-tackle-the-day look.

What’s even better about this product is that it is not tested on animals, and it is made without sulfates, parabans, pthalates and silicones. Now that’s a dry shampoo I can get behind, or, more accurately, put in my hair. 😉

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

Love Hair’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Bound to be a new favourite by those who are looking to lower their carbon footprint, Love’s Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo is packaged sustainably, ethically sourced, and naturally made. This dry shampoo is also 100% natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Talk about my kind of dry shampoo.

I’m trying very hard to be more sustainable and ethical in my daily life, and this would be an excellent addition to my hair care regime when I need something on the go but don’t want to harm the planet doing so.

Not only is this dry shampoo a best dry shampoo for me because it wants you to love your hair but it also wants you to love the planet. Its sustainable packaging is a prime example that the company itself loves our planet and wants to care for it, just as much as it wants to care for you and your hair. Now that’s something to rave about! Feel confident that you are making a positive impact on our planet if you shop for Love Hair products.

*The Best Dry Shampoos When You’re Having A Bad Hair Day

What are the best dry shampoos on your list when you’re having a bad hair day? Have you tried any of those on my list? Comment below to share your experience!

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