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The Best Dress Boutiques In Montreal

The Best Dress Boutiques In Montreal

Dress season is almost upon us!

In the coming months, there are several dress worthy occasions such as prom, weddings, and showers. Dress shopping can prove to be a daunting task, and a long one if you don’t know where to shop. Luckily, I have quite a bit of experience dress shopping in Montreal, and here are a few places that definitely won’t disappoint!

1. Boutique 1861

Boutique 1861, located on Saint-Laurence boulevard in downtown Montreal, is a five minute bus ride from Saint-Laurent metro. It holds a vintage feel like no other dress boutique in Montreal, and the atmosphere in the store almost eliminates the stress accompanied with dress shopping. This beautiful boutique can be perfectly described in one word; unique.

The styles will make you try on dresses outside your comfort zone, and trust me, you will be very pleasantly surprised. With a wide variety of gowns, midi, and short dresses, there is something for every occasion.

Pro tip; don’t let the funkiness freak you out. Dig, dig and dig! There is a hidden gem in Boutique 1861 just waiting for you to find it (and basically steal it since their prices are so damn affordable).

The Best Dress Boutiques In Montreal

2. Creme De La Creme

Another gem, Creme De La Creme Boutique is famously known for their prom dress selection. Every year, the girls of Montreal check out Creme De La Creme before going anywhere else! And who could blame them?

The service is amazing, and they have basically every single style in twelve different colors. If you need to put something aside, no problem! The ladies who work there will happily accommodate.

The environment is comfortable, laid-back and friendly. The try-on area is quite large, and no one is rushing you to hurry up. They even have free coffee!

3. Bella Boutique

As far as dress boutiques in Montreal go, Bella has just about anything and everything.

If you’re a prom shopper, you need to head to Bella Boutique. It’s the first place most prom girls in Montreal go to check out. Bella Boutique tends to stay on top of trends for upcoming seasons better than most boutiques. You can even check out their current prom collection on their site.

Although it’s mostly very high end dress shopping, there is no appointment required upon entry!

The Best Dress Boutiques In Montreal

4. Le Chateau

Although not primarily a dress shop (they sell clothing as well), Le Chateau is definitely one of the most underrated dress boutiques in Montreal.

It’s important, when shopping for a special dress, to move past whats on the mannequin and actually go dig! I’ve found beautiful dresses from Le Chateau for weddings when nothing else was working in my favor. You can always find something at Le Chateau, and it won’t break you bank!

P.S.: My favorite part of Le Chateau is the accessories. They have the most chic earrings on the planet.

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It’s basically a one-stop shop.

The Best Dress Boutiques In Montreal

5. Tres Chic

Fair warning; this ones on the pricier side.

Tres Chic holds the key to many beautiful, luxurious gowns. Especially known for their prom seasons, they as well as Bella Boutique keep on trend to keep the prom queens happy (and let them go easier on mom).

They have a wide selection of designer gowns, and are known for their speedy service and helpful attitude.

6. Editions De Robes

Located in Mile End, the dresses here aren’t exclusive to prom dresses.

The feel is much more professional/cocktail chic. With workers helping with adjustments on site, the service is wonderful and makes for a great shopping experience.

Will you be visiting any of these dress boutiques in Montreal? Do you know of any others? Let us know in the comments!

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