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The Best Dorm Workout Regimen To Keep Fit

The Best Dorm Workout Regimen To Keep Fit

The Best Dorm Workout Regimen To Keep Fit

Your dorm workout regimen should be—at the very least—one thing: daily. Good habits will form from this. It’ll help your mental health, too. Proper exercise will help you get the rest that you desperately need. The best motivation is to have someone shout at you. While it’s hard to believe, this service is difficult to come by.

Pre-Workout Stretching

Keep limber. This keeps those microtears from becoming macro-tears. Stretch everything. Static stretching is where you hold stretches that are just outside of your comfort level, to increase flexibility. This also helps you to get into the swing of starting a regimen. If you go from couch potato to workout fiend, you might pull something. Then you can’t sprint to class.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit


This isn’t rocketry and you don’t need weights. This works a fair amount of your lower-body muscles, like your glutes and quads. No one wants a flat butt. This is a good addition to your regimen because it doesn’t require weights. Squats will tone your butt and thighs. You probably don’t have enough room to do burpees.

I used to love doing squats until I injured my knee. Don’t take them for granted. A dorm workout regimen without squats is like having a party and not inviting your cat.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit

Chair Dips

These are tricep dips using dorm chairs. This exercise is good because you’re taking advantage of your environment. Triceps are 2/3 of your arm. You don’t need to work your glory muscles to get fit. Biceps look nice, but triceps get the work done.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit


Door-frame, pull-up bars are a dime a dozen: you can easily find one for a cheap price. Pull-ups are hard at first, but they eventually get easier. The only requirement for this activity is that you be able to do one pull-up. This isn’t like a welded, gym bar. The product in the picture comes at a decent price.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit


This exercise works your pecs and arms. If regular push-ups are too hard, then go into knee push-ups until you can hit your mark. This exercise is great because it tones noticeable muscle groups. While you can buy equipment for this exercise to increase difficulty, you can get by just fine without it. You can increase the difficulty of a push-up with width, angle, or hand position.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit

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Wall Sits

These focus mainly on your quads. It’s one of the only exercises that you can multitask with: read a book, play on your phone, or eat. This is a very quiet exercise that won’t bother the people around you. They can still hear through those paper-thin walls, regardless. But, it’s still nice.

Jump Rope

You might want to take this exercise into a common room or just outside of the dormitory. Jumping rope is more efficient than running. You may feel very exposed, just jumping outside of your dorm. If you go to school in the city, you may want to go with this next one.

Running Stairs

Running stairs is not fun. If you’re having fun, then you’re doing it wrong. You can also skip a few stairs in between each stride, lunging more. It is easy to fall and your college doesn’t want to have to pay your medical bills. You know they are low on cash, asking for more each year, and all…

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can easily work with a number of muscle groups. These are versatile—working everything from your arms to your ankles. The more tension and resistance, the higher the difficulty. While injuries with these are slightly comical, they still hurt. Make sure everything is secure before maiming yourself.

The Best Dorm Workout Regiment To Keep Fit

The Best Dorm Workout Regimen To Keep Fit

Every dorm workout regimen is different. Tell us yours in the comments section below!

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