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The Best Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Have To Try

The Best Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Have To Try

College dorm rooms can be a bit short on space, especially when you’re moving in with way more than you need as an incoming freshman. Dorms luckily offer some sort of furniture like dressers and drawers to help store clothes and notebooks, but struggle to give you the space to store all of your food and toiletries neatly. Add in the fact that you’re almost guaranteed to have a roommate, and your potential dorm room storage space gets cut right in half. This can turn your side of the room into a chaotic mess.

If you’ve found yourself having a hard time staying tidy and organized in your dorm room, you’ve come to the right place. There are multiple ways to help keep in order in neat fashion, and here are just a few dorm room hacks you have to try to help store your belongings!

Shoe Rack

If you’re a big time sneaker heads like myself, you probably deal with your shoes being all over the floor taking up your walking space (oh, the irony). Getting a shoe rack can easily eliminate this cluster of shoes!

A multi-level shoe rack that stands upright is a perfect way to fit two to three pairs neatly on each row. This will help you keep your shoes organized and more space to pace throughout your dorm room.


If you don’t quite have enough floor space, you could try a shoe hanger on the inside of your closet door!

The first step in the right direction to organized dorm room storage is a rack to store your shoes on!

The Best Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Have To Try

Portable Shower Caddy

Do you really want to carry your body wash, shampoo and conditioner, face wash, loofah and towel all with one arm back and forth to the bathroom everyday?


If you answered no to any of these questions, than a portable shower caddy is the ideal product to improve your dorm room storage!

A basket with two large trays separated by a handle in the middle, a shower caddy is more than capable of holding all the soaps you need to and from the showers, and helps keep them all together while sitting in your room.

Foldable Laundry Basket

You’ve probably folded your laundry too many times to count, but have you ever had a laundry basket you could fold, too?

Having a foldable clothes basket is excellent benefit for dorm room storage. They’ll of course hold all of your dirty clothes and are portable for when you need to lug them to the laundry room. Having a divider for colored and white clothes is also a plus so you don’t have to take the time to sort through the basket. The coolest part, of course, is that when you have no dirty clothes, your basket can fold right up and fit almost anywhere!


The Best Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Have To Try

Personal Nightstand

Highly recommended if you want all of your daily necessities right by your side!

If you have just enough space, and your bed doesn’t already have one built in, a nightstand is perfect for dorm room storage. They’ll give you extra drawers to stash any items you want and give you a surface to place your keys, wallet, phone and alarm clock right by your bed!

Over-The-Door Hook Racks

You’ll probably want somewhere to hang your coats and jackets. You’ll need somewhere to hang your towel after you shower.


These will give you a place to do just that.

Over-the-door hook racks are very useful for, well, hooking things like towels so they can dry and coats and other clothes so they can be hung in a convenient spot for when you need them again.

The best part is they’re mostly out of the way, so you’ll have nothing to worry about in terms of spacing!

Drawer Dividers

So you have your t-shirts sprawled sloppily in one drawer and your socks mixing with your undergarments in another. Wouldn’t it be just great if they could all just stick to their own group?


Drawer dividers go a long way toward helping you achieve top notch organization! Dividers in your dresser drawers will keep all of your socks with your socks, your boxers with your boxers, and your t-shirts with your… you get the picture.

Most drawer dividers are adjustable, so they’ll be able to adapt to the size differential of your clothes!

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The Best Dorm Room Storage Hacks You Have To Try


Bulletin Board

This might be less dorm room storage and more dorm room organization, but just go with it, OK.

If you struggle to keep up with important due dates, want somewhere to keep a calendar, or just want to put up your favorite pictures, a bulletin board is where you should post them all!

Thumbs tac important papers like class syllabi, assignment check lists and grade reports to your board to keep yourself on top of class work. Post a calendar and write in important dates for the month of events on campus and in your life. Put up pictures of family and friends you’re missing from home or new photos of friends on campus.

Yes, a bulletin board can be seen as a decoration, but it can definitely keep you organized as well!


Under Bed Storage

If your bed has vacant space underneath, take advantage by storing a bin under there to hold additional school supplies!

Slide a bin full of class textbooks, personal novels, unused notebooks or anything you desire under your bed!

Each of these dorm room storage hacks are greats ways to help you stay organized and keep your dorm room neat during the school year. Each of these items, from door hooks and shoe racks to shower caddies and under-the-bed storage bins, are super affordable for mostly any college student, so they’ll each greatly help you store your belongings without hurting your wallet.

So if you’re having trouble finding ways to create space and keeping things in order, you need to give these dorm room storage hacks a try!


Have any great dorm room storage hacks of your own? Share your brilliant ideas with the college community in the comments!

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