The 20 Best Dorm Room Sex Positions To Try Out

There are some things about college that every student should experience. They get to make new friends, learn social skills ,and experience new things. Dorm rooms may not seem like the ideal place for hookups. They are small, cramped, and the beds are not that big. That does not have to stop you from having some new sexual experiences. These are the 20 best dorm room sex positions!

1. Standing Bunk

This position allows you to get the most use out of your bunk bed. Stand up straight and the female will lean against the bunk for balance. The guy enters her from behind also holding onto the bed for balance. This will allow the best use of the small space, definitely making it one of the best dorm room sex positions!

2. Mini Mambo

The mini in this position refers to the use of a mini fridge. Most dorm rooms allow for mini fridges to be used and some will even provide one. The guy will sit on the mini fridge and the girl will get on top of him facing away from him. She will then move up and down. This is a shared item so keep this in mind before using is as part of a sex act or just wipe it down when you are done. You roommate will never know.

3. Spooning

Those small beds are good for something. The lady will lie on her side and the guy will curl up behind her. He will enter her from behind.  This is comfortable and both people can fit onto that small bed space.

4. Desktop

Put that desk to good use. The woman will bend over the desk and spread her arms out in front of her. She can even hold onto the desk for some support and balance. The guy will stand behind his lady and hold onto her hips for balance. This will finally give purpose to that desk.

5. Edge of Ecstasy

This puts the average dorm chair to a good use.  The guy will sit on the chair like normal. The lady will sit facing the guy and she will be on top. The guy will hold her hips as she rocks back and forth. Talk about putting a chair to a good use.

6. Standing Chair

This position uses the same chair that is found in your dorm room.  The women will prop one of her feet up on the chair and the other will stand on the floor. The guy will stand behind her and hold her at the waist.  This position allows for deep penetration and the only thing needed is the basic dorm chair.

7. Sleeping Sexy

This position uses the lower half of a bed bunk. While some people have tried it with their roommate asleep on the tip it is suggested to wait until your roommate is gone to attempt this position. It’s a respect thing. Both people will lie on their side and uses the bottom frame of the bed to provide leverage using their feet.  You and your partner will then rock back and forth for movement. This is a take on the normal missionary position only a little more exciting.

8. Lay and Pray

This position switches up doggy style a little and will allow anticipation to build.  To perform this act start off having sex in a doggy style manner. After a couple of minutes both partners lay down flat and continue to have sex. In five minutes go back up to doggy style. This position  and rotation can be repeated at least three times.

9. Froggy Style

This position is similar to doggy style but does not use the entire bed.  The man will sit at the edge of the bed and the woman will be bent over and she will control the movement. This is great for those smaller beds and will make the most use out of the limited space in the dorm room.

10. Pretzel Dip

This will make the most use out of the small bed space. It is not recommended for bunk beds but will work get if there are twin beds in the room. The woman will lie on her right side with the right leg stretched out. The left leg is curled around his side and the man is in a knee position. This will allow for deeper penetration and will not take up much space.

11. Flat is Best

This is another position that can be done on the tiny dorm beds.  The female lies on the bed with her face down and her hips are slightly raised. The guy gets behind her and holds onto her hips for balance. This is great because it is designed for tight spaces. It will also make his penis feel bigger.

12. Standing Dancer

This position is done standing up so not a lot of space is required. This is great if your room is small. The woman stands up on one foot and she wraps the other foot around the guy. He holds the women up while having sex. Most commonly the leg is wrapped around the waist but for a variation the leg can go up over his shoulders.

13. Wheelbarrow

This is an actual sex position and is good for the young and flexible.  The lady is on her hands and knees on the floor. The guy picks her up around by the pelvis and she holds his waist with her thighs. This is a good workout and can be done in a small area, making it one of the best dorm room sex positions!

14. Reverse Scoop

This is a take on the missionary position that can be done on one of the small dorm beds. The woman lies down and her guy gets on top of her. They turn to the side so they are facing each other and the arms will be used to support the upper body. This allows for some close contact and will not take up a lot of space.

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15. The Om

This is another great position for the young and flexible. He guy sits cross legged on the bed or the floor. Once he is seated the lady will get on top of him and wrap her legs around his back. This is a nice position for those with limited space, which is why it’s one of the best dorm room sex positions!

16. Computer Sit

Just about every dorm room has a space for computers so this makes it interesting. Both parties can be wearing clothing as well so if someone comes in they can avoid an embarrassing situation. The guy sits on the computer chair with his pants unzipped. The girl in a skirt gets on top of him and rides him. If someone comes in they can say they are watching something on the computer.

17. The Waterfall

This position can be performed with the dorm bed and does not need a lot of mattress room. The guy moves to the edges of the bed and puts his head and shoulders on the floor. His pelvis is left on the bed. The lady gets on top and straddles him. This allows for some great stimulation.

18. Hot Seat

The man sits on the chair and puts his feet on the floor. The woman sits between her legs and uses the arms of the chair to push herself up and down. A standard wood chair can be used or a computer chair works well to – which is why it’s one of the best dorm room sex positions!

19. Tired Man

This position can either be done on the bed or on the floor. The guy sits with his back against the wall. He can put a pillow behind it for  extra comfort. Both of his legs are stretched out. The woman bends her knees and lowers herself onto the waiting man.

20. The Shoulder Holder

The girl lies on her bed. The guy gets between her legs and puts her calves on his shoulders. With a rocking motion it is time to get it on. This position can be performed on the bed or the floor.’

These are some of the best dorm room sex positions & they don’t require a lot of room to perform!

What do you think of these dorm room sex positions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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