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The 20 Best Dorm Room Essentials For Guys

Okay guys, we can’t have our dorms looking lame. If we’re inviting girls over, we want to make sure we have our place looking nice. Even if our bros come over to chill you don’t want to have a boring dorm. Here are some of the best dorm room essentials for guys to make your room look cooler.

1. Have Some Posters

Add some posters to add color to your room. Maybe of your favorite rappers or anything that looks good to you. A good place to find some dope posters are at RedBubble.

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2. Create Something

Guys can make DIYs too! They’re not all girly and who cares? If you’re an artsy guy, this is perfect. You can create a cork board to keep pictures up, maybe add a dry erase board th keep organized, or a calendar. Overall, it creates a nice area to hang things up.

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3. Pictures

Add pictures! Add pictures of your family and friends just anything that shows you having a good time with the people you love being with.

4. Show School Spirit

Use decoration based on your school’s colors. Have blankets or body pillows with the school mascot logo on them.

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5. Add Quotes

Add quotes in frames to help you motivated to get shit done. It’s great for that extra boost and it doubles as a decoration to avoid having a blank space in your dorm.

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6. Add Utilities

Add things like a mini-fridge, microwave, etc. Have big containers to store food and snacks. Use an over the door shoe organizer to keep utensils and store snacks there for guests. This idea is one of the best dorm room essentials for guys!

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7. Create More Things

Create an organizer like this to let anyone know if you’re home or if you’re out. It’ll help your friends and RA know where you are if they need anything from you.

8. Some Extra Seats

Adding some comfy chairs or beanbags help to give a good look to your dorm, and is also convenient when you have friends over!

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9. Get An Air Mattress

An air mattress can come in handy whenever it’s too late at night for your friend to go back to their dorm or if you have a friend visiting from out of town. (It’ll also have you avoid sharing the bed)

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10. Loft Your Bed

It’ll save a bunch of space in your dorm and avoid clutter.

11. Use Car Air Clips On Your AC

These will prevent odor from dirty laundry and it’ll keep your room smelling fresh, which makes it a dorm room essentials for guys.

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12. Label Power Cords

It’ll keep you organized and you’ll avoid grabbing the wrong cord each time.

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13. Buy Command Hooks And Strips

These will save your life because you’re not able to create holes, so these allow you to hang things up on your walls without causing damage to the walls. They definitely come in handy.

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14. Have a Sound System

Your dorm room can’t be lit without music so bring a good speaker with you for those mini party moments in your dorm.

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15. Have a Blender/Coffee Maker

For those late nights studying either, you want to make a protein shake or some coffee to keep your energy up, I recommend buying them so you can avoid those Starbucks runs.

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16. Add Some Flags

Add your school flag for school spirit or add a flag of your favorite sports team to give your room that extra look.

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17. Cleaning Supplies

Cleanliness makes the list for dorm room essentials for guys. Mini vacuum cleaners and brooms will be lifesavers whenever you accidentally spill food on the floors (so keep those in handy)!

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18. Shower Caddies

If you share a bathroom with the hall, keep a shower caddie with all your toiletries for quicker trips.

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19. A Mini Lamp

If you have a roommate who gets bothered over a lamp being on, have a mini one to connect to your bed.

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20. Make A Key Necklace

If you don’t use a lanyard or lose items easily then pull a Zoey and make your key a necklace so you avoid the fear of losing your dorm key.

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Did you like these dorm room essentials for guys? Let us know if you’ve tried of any these ideas in the comment section below!

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