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The Best Dorm Room Desk Decor You’ll Want ASAP

The Best Dorm Room Desk Decor You’ll Want ASAP

I am no interior designer, but something I did enjoy doing when moving into my freshman dorm was decorating my desk since it would be a place that I would be spending almost half of my time at. Your dorm room IS your home. So, why not not make it yours and decorate it the way you want to? Decorating is also a wonderful way to express your personality and who you truly are as a person. Whether you want to make your desk feel like home, or you want to completely change spice it up with colors and accessories, how you choose to decorate your desk is entirely up to you! Here below are some desk decor ideas so that you can give it the vibe you want others to see when they enter your room and for you of course! 


Daily planner
Joy – Daily Planner

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE being organized. It’s a must need item for any college student, whether you’re a new welcoming freshman or soon to be senior— graduate students are welcome as well! You can plan days, weeks and months ahead. Everything is also all in one place, so instead of looking on your phone or laptop, even the notes you made for your plans, a planner makes your life SO much easier. It’s also helpful if you’re a visual learner like me and have to see things clearly. Day planners come in a variety of designs that are perfect for any design taste that you have as well. 


Desk Lamp
Caskey 20.75″ Black/Antique Brass Desk Lamp

Want to stay up late studying or reading a good book, but don’t want wake up your roommate when turning on the light? This is an easy fix and all you have to do is purchase a desk lamp! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and if you get tired of sitting at your desk, you can move it to the side of your bed if you decide to do so! 



Desk Organizer
Elegant Designs Tiered Desk Organizer in White Wash

Again, and I will probably repeat it a few more times that I LOVE being organized. It keeps my mind from being frantic at almost all times and to put it simply, it keeps things clean and not messy. That is why when you’re decorating your dorm room desk, a must need item is an essentials organizer. Keep your notebooks, pens/pencils, sticky notes and scissors all in one small area in the corner or middle of your desk for safe keeping. It’s a perfect way to keep your most simplistic supplies organized. 


Garbage Can
UGG® Melange Wastebasket in Birch

You cannot forget to purchase a garbage can to put near your desk and I am only saying this because this is a must need item that I completely forget to purchase when picking out accessories for my dorm room desk. What if you’re chewing gum and don’t want to walk all the way to your roommates trash can to throw it out? What if they DONT have a trash can near you? That is why a garbage can is an essential item that you need next to your desk. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, also I would prefer a solid black small one that can also be put under my desk if that is something I wanted to do, but it is entirely up  to you!


Charging Hub
3-in-1 Wireless Charging Organizing Hub (Foldable)

Let’s face it, we live in a technology driven world that certainly has no plans on going away any time soon. Millennials and Gen-Z thrive on technology and so does the college/university that we all live in now. A charging hub is a perfect way to charge your iPhone/Apple Watch and or AirPods all in one place without having them being charged all over your room in different places. I personally don’t like the cords that comes with charging, so this just makes your life easier and less messy.



Phone Mount
iHip Wall Hanging Phones or Tablet Stand 2 in 1 Kitchen Desktop Pull-Up Lazy Bracket Adjustable Wall Mount Holder Fit for 4.7-11 Width Bracket i-Pad Phone or any Tablet (Silver)

Are you tired of looking down at your phone when you’re at your desk? Do you want to have a movie on in the background while you write your 10 page Marine Biology homework but don’t have a tv in your dorm room to do so? A phone mount is the perfect item for any phone and you can easily move it and take it down when needed.

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Desk Riser
Squared Away™ Monitor Stand with Storage in Brushed Nickel

Oh how I wish I had one of these at my desk in my college dorm room. It’s crucial to optimize your space in your room because let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of it, especially when you’re rooming with someone. A desk riser is a perfect desk decor accessory to place your laptop higher and not on the desk, all while being able to place more items below it. We are humans and I think we often forget how tired our eyes and heads get when staring directly down at a screen. So help yourself and get a desk riser so that your laptop is at a decent height for your eyes. We only get one pair anyways!


DRY ERASE CALENDAR (or paper one)

Dry Erase Board Calendar
Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board

Do you want another way to see your plans more clearly? Do you like writing in big letters and different colors? Then buy a dry erase calendar that you can attach to the wall on the side of your desk, or you can buy a paper one that ATTACHES to your desk–this is the one I personally prefer because I would have it right in front of me and I can place more desk decor items if I wanted too. But, if you’re earth friendly and don’t want to waste paper, then a dry erase board calendar is the way to go for a desk decor item. 

Whats your favorite desk decor item? Do you prefer messy or clean? If your answer is messy, then the items above might be your forte, but they might certainly help keep your mind organized if you don’t want the space you’re sitting at.. to be.. well.. organized. Let us know in the comments below on what your favorite desk decor is!