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The Best Dorm Room Carpets You’ll Want On Your Dorm Floor

The Best Dorm Room Carpets You’ll Want On Your Dorm Floor

College dorms serve as your new temporary home. It will become your space and it will be the place you go to if you want to relax. Therefore, it should not feel like any old dorm room. Many people have lived in it before, but now it is your time. Show off your personality in this space so it helps you feel comfortable. There are a lot of ways you can decorate a dorm room to make it your own. One big way is through dorm room carpets. They are the key decoration for your floor and it is something you can have a lot of fun with. Dorm room carpets can express a lot about a person. You can see someone’s style, their humor, their goals, and so much more. There are many places that you can buy dorm room carpets, usually the places you can get other dorm room essentials and decorations, as your room will require a lot of decorating. Obviously your room will not be able to fit every carpet listed, probably two or three if you don’t pick too many bold and large ones, but at least you will have a lot of options. It is up to you to decide what kind of vibe you want your room to give off, from top to bottom.

Hello Carpet

1. Hello!

Why not use your floor to show off your friendliness? A welcome mat is a staple in homes around the world. They make your home look cozy and show that anyone is welcome. Standoffish people would not have a welcome mat in their home, only fun and nice people. Let your dorm room carpet show your fun and nice side. Even though this is not your permanent home, it is your living space so it should show off your best qualities. Plus, this specific carpet is not just some bland boring rug. With its cute color and cursive greeting, it will welcome people in the best way. You can put this right outside your door as a wonderful greeting. However, if you think your hallway would not fit your rug or it is not allowed for some reason, the carpet will still serve its purpose at your door inside of your bedroom. It will be the first thing people notice about your room, and your floor will give a great first impression.


Colorful Carpet

2. Cute and Colorful

Any sort of decorations should be used to brighten up your room. From a brief glance, someone should know that this is your home. A dorm room carpet with a lot of colors can make your room stand out. You should have some fun with what you put on your floor. The floors of a dorm room start out basic and boring. That should change. Putting down something colorful like this dorm room carpet will brighten up your room. When you wake up in the morning and look down at your floor, you will be greeted by something that’s cheerful, which is a great way to start the day. Based on your room, people will be able to guess that you are a joyful person who is unique and wants to get enjoyment out of life. All of these colors will make your room exciting and will really tie the room together.

Fluffy Carpet


3. It’s So Fluffy!

I’m sure you already know this, but remember that the floor is the area where your feet will go. Therefore, you should make sure that your floor is comfortable. You don’t want to put your feet down on a floor that is too scratchy or too cold in the morning. That is what fluffy dorm room carpets are for. Looks wise, they may not seem that unique or specific to one’s personality. However, your feet will thank you. It will feel incredibly soft and wonderful to stand on. Also, let’s say you have friends over and there is not enough room on your bed, or you are not comfortable with people sitting on your bed. They can sit on the floor and it will not be uncomfortable for them. This is a rug that will look cute, but it is not only about that. It will show that you care about practicality and you like everything cozy.

Funny Carpet

4. Rolling On The Floor Laughing

If you are going to get some dorm room carpets, you might as well get creative. That is why you should get something funny. It will show off that you are a funny person and it will make your room unique. Why do people get clever graphic t-shirts or put up funny posters on their wall? It is because these things make them laugh and humor is important to them. The same principles should apply to dorm room carpets. Not to mention, whatever joke you pick for your dorm room carpet could also reference an interest of yours. In the case of this rug, it shows that the person who owns it really likes coffee and it helps them get through the morning. This is what makes the carpet an important part of your home. Most of the other carpets on this list do not have words on them, let alone clever messages, and that is what makes this one special, and will make your personality a big part of your room.


Rainbow Carpet

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5. Rainbow!

Rainbows are an expression of pride and joy. They make people happy and show off many bright colors. That is what makes it perfect to put in your dorm room. This dorm room carpet will make your room a happy place. If you are a part of the LGBT community, it can be used as an expression of your identity so that you can be proud of who you are. After all, your room should be a place where you can be free to express yourself. Why not do that with a fun decoration? This dorm room carpet can show that you like a lot of colors and that your room is a gleeful place. Also, if you want to make a cool theme for your room, get other rainbow decorations. Posters, fairy lights, desk ornaments, the possibilities are endless. While you obviously do not need a theme for your room, this can make your room feel more put together while showing off how you feel. This rainbow carpet will show off that you are proud of yourself and you want your room to be full of sunniness.


Faux Fur Carpet

6. Faux Fur

It is important to give your room some character. The dorm room carpets will show off what you like. If you put a fake cowhide on your floor, that can make your floor interesting. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this rug. It will give your room a nice rustic  cowboy look that will certainly separate your room from other rooms. Not to mention, even though it is not real fur, it will be pretty soft. It can also become a cute conversation starter. This is definitely a rug that people notice right away. They can probably guess that it is not real, but they will still want to compliment it. All of the rugs on this list are meant to show off your personality. This shows that you are a little bit country and you want to have a fun room. This can be the centerpiece of your room while also being soft to touch.

Modern Art Carpet


7. Modern Art

Your floor can be treated like a canvas. It is a place where you can go crazy and make it as pretty as you want it to be. It is very common for people to put art up on walls, why can’t the same be true with floors. Dorm room carpets can be used to show off your artistic eye. This cubist art carpet shows off an interesting side of you. It demonstrates that you have a love of modern art and you want your room to look mature. The black and whites will give a muted coloring for your room, which could make your room look sleek and refined. Your room will be coming off as mature when people visit your room and it is making you seem cultured. This will be like a modern art museum on your floor. This carpet will give you the opportunity to show off your artsy side.