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18 Of The Best Dorm Decor Items From Amazon To Buy Right Now

18 Of The Best Dorm Decor Items From Amazon To Buy Right Now

18 Of The Best Dorm Decor Items From Amazon To Buy Right Now

I love shopping for dorm decor items! It’s a great pastime. Even just walking through target or scrolling through Amazon looking at all of the new items is fun. When it comes to planning out your dorm room, decorating is definitely the most fun part, however, it can get expensive and time-consuming. You see a bunch of things you like and throw them all into your cart which takes up most of your day and wallet’s capacity. So, here are 18 dorm decor items to get off amazon that will make you and your wallet very happy.

1. Hanging Photo Display

You’ll definitely want someplace to put photos of all of your friends and college adventures. While a cork board would do just fine, this hanging photo display would be infinitely cuter and it also doubles as a piece of wall art.

2.  Battery Operated String Lights

For extra lighting in a room that might not have an overhead light, or for just a little mood lighting when you want to de-stress, go for some string lights. These are battery operated so they should be okay for most dorm rooms, but you should still check and see what your college allows. They are just fun to have, especially around the holidays, and always add a little extra ambiance when you need it.


3.  Light Up Box Sign

This piece of decor is really just for fun. Leave notes to your friends and roommates, write inspirational messages for yourself, or write something funny to help keep you going when classes are becoming tough. So, I guess it really does serve a purpose. At least that’s what you can tell your parents when you throw it in the cart.

4.  Catch-All Space/Accessory Organizer

I don’t know how many times I’ve misplaced my lanyard and wallet. Definitely too many to count. To avoid that blunder, and not spend precious time searching for important things when you need to run out the door, place this organizer right by the door. Then you’ll always know where your keys are. You’ll thank me later.

5.  Desk organizer Set

This is a decor item that is practical and has come in handy for me all 4 years of my college experience. An organizer set will keep all of your important desk and work items right where you need them and also keep the surface of your desk clear for your laptop or anything else that need’s to go on it. Believe me, I know space in a dorm room is limited.


6.  Clip-On Reading Lamp

Now, this is something I wish I had. A reading lamp would, of course, be perfect for reading in bed but also if you’re finishing up some homework and don’t want to turn on the overhead light while your roommate is sleeping. It would also just be good to add a little light by your bed that way your eyes could better adjust to the brighter lights when you wake up in the morning.

7.  Himalayan Salt Lamp

For another cute decor piece that can also be practical, get a Himalayan salt lamp. Whether or not you believe in the health benefits some people claim it has, there is no doubt that it still looks cute and provides excellent mood lighting.

8. Motivational Wall Art

Some mornings when you wake up you just need to be able to roll over and see some affirmations that will help you feel pumped for your day. You deserve to take on the crazy world that is college with gusto and feel awesome while doing it. Wall art will also dress up the typically drab dorm walls and make your space feel homier.


9.  Artificial Succulents

I feel like sometimes a dorm room can use a little green. But I also know that remembering to water and take care of plants might not be in the cards for everyone. These succulents are fake for those who are insanely busy and out of the room from 9am to 10pm, myself included.

10.  Comfy Chair

Most dorm rooms really only have two seating options, your desk chair or your bed. If you want something that would be a good middle ground between the two, get a comfy dome chair. If you don’t want to sit in the hard chair at your desk but also know that if you sit in your bed you will let the pillows take you and not get any work done, then this chair is for you.

11. Makeup Organizer

In addition to the desk organization, a makeup organizer saves you a lot of space. You also wouldn’t have to rummage through a bag or messy makeup case. With this organizer, you can immediately see what you need and you’ll know where each makeup piece is. This would be a good addition to your desk or dresser to help keep everything in its place.


12.  Wall Shelves

Space really is limited. I know I’ve already said it, but it’s true. This wall shelf that you can put up near your bed with command strips would be a great spot for your phone and other essentials throughout the night so everything is right within reach when you need it.

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13.  Light-Up Marquee Letter:

This decor item is just for fun. It has no real purpose other than it looks pretty. It also brings you and your individuality into the dorm room which is a bonus in a room that will only be yours for a year. These letters also dress up a regular wooden desk, so maybe you’d be more apt to do work there. Just a thought.


14.  Stylish Alarm Clock:

Morning classes in college are just inevitable. As much as we try to work our way around them, at some point you will have at least one really early class. With this alarm clock, maybe you’ll have the courage to get up for your 8am. You’ll also probably need caffeine or food to help you stay awake, but this cute alarm clock is a good start.

15.  Wall Tassels:

I know probably a lot of the dorm decor that you’re getting probably serves some sort of purpose, but it’s also fun to have some decorations in your room that are just pure fun and all they have to do is be pretty and exist. These wall tassels are a perfect example of that instance. Plus, your walls will look extra festive. We all need that at some point.

16.  Soft, Plush Rug:

Dorm floors can be cold. While slippers are great, a soft rug is also a fabulous addition to your dorm room. Also, placing your feet on a soft, plush rug that feels like a cloud is a great way to start your morning. An area rug also pulls a room together and makes the whole space feel complete.


17. Dream Catcher:

Whether or not you actually believe that it catches bad dreams, there is no doubt that it’s a pretty decoration. With the stress of college, and how hard it is for some people to sleep as it is, a dream catcher definitely can’t hurt.

18. Trinket Tray:

I feel like people should have a couple trinket trays or catch-all baskets around their room or apartment. They are great to hold and organize desk supplies, jewelry, keys, coins, or whatever else you need for them to hold. They’re also a great way to disguise clutter in a small space but in a cute, stylish way.

Which dorm decor items are you going to pick up? Or, which ones do you already have in your room? Let me know in the comments below?
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