The Best Dorm Decor At Target Right Now

Whatever your style, there’s no doubt that Target has all of us covered no matter what we need. Groceries? Check. Clothes? Triple check. Literally anything you can ever want, Target has. In fact, Target has things you don’t even know you want. That’s just the power of Target, so there’s no reason Target can’t also take over your dorm room. For a lot of us, it has, but we’re probably in need of some kind of refresh. Here’s the best dorm décor at Target right now, so you can keep your dorm room stylish.

Geometric Wool Tasseled Tufted Area Rug – Opalhouse

This rug is not only super cute, but the perfect thing to cover up those horrid cement floors. Or, you know, protect your feet from the carpet that hasn’t been changed out in years.

Coral Embroidered Round Throw Pillow — Opalhouse

There is literally nothing cuter than this throw pillow. Make it a cute accent on your bed or futon. It’ll bring just the right amount of color to pop your space. And trust me, everyone is going to be asking where you got it.

Carved Dot Natural Wood Floor Mirror – Opalhouse

This piece is just subtle enough to not take away from your OOTD when you’re snapping your daily selfie. It’s the perfect size to capture whatever you’re wearing, but also slim enough to fit on that one patch of wall space left, or even on your door. While it is subtle, the wood tones create that warm and inviting ambiance your dorm room needs.

Artificial Monstera Plant In Pot – Project 62

Nothing brings life into a dorm room like a plant. If your thumbs aren’t green, then a fake one works just as well. Target has all kinds of fake plant options to give your room those earthy vibes, but this one takes the cake for sure.

Zebra Ring Holder Gold – Opalhouse

Is there anything more adorable than a gold zebra ring holder? The answer is no. Place this on your desk or vanity to hold your rings, and it’ll be the statement piece you never knew you needed.

White Box With Bug Decal – Opalhouse

Do you really need a random box to put stuff in? Yes, yes you do. This box is not only gorgeous, but you can hide all of your miscellaneous items in there like notecards and pens. It hides the clutter and makes your dorm room shelf pop.

Lace Trip Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow Teal – Opalhouse

If you’re wondering if there is such a thing as too many pillows, let me stop you. You can never have too many pillows. The more pillows the better, really. So why not add this velvet one to the collection. The color is fantastic and you really can’t go wrong. So add this one to your cart, and maybe four more because why not?

Lory Pouf – Opalhouse

No dorm room is complete without a pouf. In fact, no living space is complete without one of these. I’m still not entirely sure of their purpose outside of being a statement piece in the corner, but you just have to have one.

Wood Bead & Pom Garland – Opalhouse

Another thing no dorm room is complete without is a garland. There are so many options to just string across the wall above your bed, but the poms on this one beat out all the rest. It creates a festive vibe and keeps those colors popping.

See Also

Rattan Elephant Basket Natural – Opalhouse

There may not be a single reason to use this basket, but it’s so cute you just can’t not get it. Right now, I use mine to hold my cats toys, so I’m sure you can find a use for it. I guarantee everyone will be talking about this guy.

Cadiz Medallion Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper Stucco Beige – Opalhouse

Nothing dresses up those drab dorm room walls like wallpaper. While the dorm may just be temporary, you’re going to need a wallpaper that is as well. While this one is a personal favorite of mine, Target definitely has more options if the medallion pattern isn’t your thing.

What do you think of these dorm decor ideas? Do you have any others? Let me know in the comments below!

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Raeanne Parks

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