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The Best DIYs To Make While Staying Inside Due To The Coronavirus

The Best DIYs To Make While Staying Inside Due To The Coronavirus

There is a great possibility that you are currently stuck at home thinking that you have never been so bored in your life. Well, have no fear because I am here to give you the best DIYs to make while you are staying inside!

Mason Jar DIY

While you are inside because of the Coronavirus now is the perfect time to try out this Mason Jar DIY  The first DIY with a mason jar that you can do is make a decorative table center or perhaps for your desk.  You can put just about anything that you want in the jar and this is the beauty of it. For me, I would probably stick to battery operated lights and perhaps some fake flowers or pretty ornaments. This is the perfect and fun creative way to add a pop of color or decoration to your room or home.

The second thing that you can do with a mason jar is make it into a Kleenex dispenser. This is a fun way to style your Kleenex holder into anyway you want it, and it saves you from wasting boxes of Kleenex. What is even better is to make this Kleenex dispenser it is nice and easy. What you need to do is paint the outside of the jar any color or decorate it any way you want to. Then, you cut a slit on the top of the lid of the jar. Put in the Kleenex, making sure that you shove a Kleenex through the slit in the top, and viola! 

TThe Best DIYs To Make While Staying Inside Due To The Coronavirus

Cherry Blossom Art DIY

When stuck inside a big go to for people is to paint because it helps calm you and combat stress from the Coronavirus you may be feeling. Personally, I cannot paint, but with the help of this DIY I think this will make anyone look like a professional painter. This DIY is nice and easy to do! First think you want to do is make sure that you have a soda bottle, liter preferred, but I think you should still be able to preform it with a smaller soda or water bottle. Then, you will want to paint to your best abilities a tree branch, but it doesn’t have to perfect. Once you paint the branch, then you dip the bottom of the soda bottle into a plate or tray of your desired color of paint. After you dip the bottle into the paint, press the bottom on the bottle onto your paper so it looks like the dots of paint are coming out of the branches. After you have completed this it should look like there are petals coming from the branches. Then, there you have yourself a Cherry Blossom tree.

TThe Best DIYs To Make While Staying Inside Due To The Coronavirus

Candle Jar DIY

As an avid shopper at Bath and Body Works I have quite a lot of candle jars that go to waste when I throw them again. Thankfully, I recently saw two DIYs for your candle jars that will guarantee that they do not go to waste. The first thing you can do with the jar is use it to plant something. You can plant anything you want in it, just add soil and then your desired plant or flower into the jar. So simple and easy to do! The next thing that you can do is use it as a decorative piece just like the mason jar. You can put lights or ornaments or even seashells to the jar. Finally, you can use the jar to put about anything you want in there, but I think a good idea would be to put loose change in it. This easy DIY is the perfect distraction from your Coronavirus worries.

Spoon Lamp DIY

I know that the idea of a spoon lamp seems quite strange and outlandish, but the finished product looks so cool! This is the perfect things to hang up in your room, it really adds a cool vibe. These are the things that you will need to successfully preform this DIY; glue gun, a cutting knife, pliers, plastic spoons, lamp with a cable, and a plastic bottle. After you have prepared your things the next thing to do is cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle. Then you will want to cut off the handle of all the plastic spoons, and then begin to glue the remainder of the spoons on the bottle. Once the bottle is covered with the spoons then cover the neck of the bottle with the spoons as well. After this you will pull to lamp cable through the inside of the bottle and then you have your Spoon lamp! This is the perfect way to fight your boredom and keep your mind off of the Coronavirus. 

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DIY Lip balm

While you are stuck in side you may not want to have to run out of the house out of fear of the Coronavirus to buy your own lip balm, so you might as well stay in and make it! To do this you will only need two things, organic virgin coconut oil and beeswax. First you will melt the three tablespoons of coconut oil and tablespoon of beeswax on low heat until it is all mixed and melted. Then, after you remove it from the heat you add any scents that you would like, such as lavender oil or cocoa butter, but you don’t have to. After doing this you will want to put the mixture in a tub or container of your choosing. Then, set the container aside for about an hour or simple put it in the fridge for about twenty minutes. After you do this you will have your lip balm! 

DIY Bath Bomb

We all know that times like this can be stressful, so why not take a relaxing bath and use a bath bomb made by you. To this you will need the following: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, coloring, almond oil, and essential oils. Once you have all the ingredients then you will mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl. After you mix them in separate bowl you will want to mix them together, but make sure you are adding the wet ingredients slowly to the dry ingredients. After you do this you can begin to mold the mixture into bath bombs into whatever shape you please. Make sure that after you shape them, you let them dry for about a day! This is the perfect way to stay in side while you are braving the Coronavirus. 

TThe Best DIYs To Make While Staying Inside Due To The Coronavirus

Which DIYs do you plan on trying while you are stuck inside? Leave us a comment below!
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