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The Best DIY Dorm Decorations for College Students

Well, summer is officially over and back-to-school season is now in full effect. If you are heading to college, the stress of having to buy new house materials can be both stressful and expensive for your dorm room. One thing to remember is that your dorm room will not be near your home, so you must make sure your dorm room has that at-home touch to it by giving it some stunning decorations that bring out the bright feeling. 

1. Lights

LED lights help in lighting up our room with a glowing feeling. There are so many lights to choose from letter signed lights to LED flashing ones, they both either lay flat on a surface or stand up making it easy to shut off whenever. A lot of college kids like to mix and match a variety of different color likes so it lets everyone that they have a bright form of self-expression. 

2. Snacks and drinks

Being at college not only means you are a long way from home, but this means you are even further away from a kitchen to make your meals. Just know that when going to college, you’re going to be limited to some resources in your dorm that you normally have back at home like food for example. In most cases like this, it is best to take a little mini-fridge that is provided with plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy. Nothing is better than being able to take a study break and reach for some chips and a soda whenever you feel like it. 

3. Tapestries

Tapestries are a perfect way to add a sense of  pop and color and stylish designs to your room. Not only are they very easy to hang up, but they can cover up a very large area of your wall that makes having to settle for things like small posters not necessary anymore. Many types of Tapestries have  different designs which makes the task of finding one not difficult at all. 

4. A library

Sometimes the stress of constantly having to keep up with our studies, making it to sports events even trying to hang out with friends can be very stressful. When this usually happens, it’s best to just relax on your bed and add in some books to help ease your stress. Having some books around your room for leisure reading gives off a peaceful vibe knowing that your life does not have to be entirely wrapped around studying all the time. 

5. Plants

Back at home, we loved having that scenery of being surrounded by lots of plats. This is still possible to have even at college. Faux plants for example are the newest plant life for most college dorms because not only do these plants give off a very positive nature vibe with a nice fresh pop of vibrant green but these plants are designed to stay long-lasting with the need to constantly makes sure they are getting enough water and plenty of sunlight to grow. But it still gives you that look of a real-life plant. 

6. Game Setup

One of the best things about having your own dorm space in college is that you are free to enjoy your  time, and what better way is to enjoy your free time than having your game station. Having a game station makes both studying and playing video games in your spare time very convenient.

7. Picture Collages

One of the hardest things for young college kids to go through when first living on their own at school is trying to cope with the feeling of being homesick. Believe me, at first we may at all be ecstatic finally having the opportunity to be on our own to do what we want, be after a few weeks away from our closest relatives we start to miss them. The best way to deal with this feeling is by making picture collages of all our favorite friends and family members. Having our walls covered with fun pictures to look at makes us feel that we are never really alone all the time. 

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8. Calendrers

Trying to stay organized during college can be both stressful and confusing from knowing what’s due the next day and which building our classes are located in. To help avoid this situation, it is in your best interest to get a dry erasable calendrer on your wall to write down all your activities, assignments, projects, and exams in different colors. Try using bright colors from highlighters and colored pencils to make assignments and events noticeable which is both effective while giving off a beautiful artistic display. 


9. Chore Roulette

One of the hardest things about living with roommates is that you never know whether if he or she is a clean or messy person. Unfortunately, it is most common that a lot of incoming college kids like to live messily. If you have a hard time trying to keep up with all the cleaning yourself, making chore games for the two of you can help sort out this problem. Get a wooden board, put a little spinner on it with a wheel, and give it some wonderful decorative designs, and put it on the wall, and boom! Every week you can make chores fun by spinning the wheel to find out who’s the lucky person gets to take out the trash or vacuum the floor. 

10. Mirrors

Even as incoming young college kids, we still sometimes stress about looking good in public to make that first-day impression. If you want to make that first impression noticeable with a great outfit, you should get a decorative mirror to see which outfit is the best choice for the day. The best part about this choice is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money just to get a mirror. All you have to do is go to a local thrift store, find a regular full-length mirror and decorate it with some flowers, lights, and ribbons on the frame.

These are some of the best and easiest DIY Dorm decorating ideas to help give your dorm room some stunning self-expression. If you have any other DIY Dorm ideas, please let me know in the comments.

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