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The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

Shopping at discount stores is a great way to save money and give yourself a fresh new look whenever you want. The mall has always been the place to do all your shopping since it’s convenient to have numerous shops all in one location. Even though it may mean more travel, choosing to shop at local discount stores is often a better deal. If you can’t afford to drop loads of hard-earned cash on high price tags try shopping at some of these discount stores in your local areas. You can look trendy and fashionable while simultaneously saving money. Now that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!


TJX is the umbrella company for both Marshalls and TJMaxx. You can find all the latest in fashion at half the price of department stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. These stores aren’t just for clothes, TJMaxx and Marshalls have a great selection of trendy shoes and accessories, home good items, and more. One thing to note, there is a difference between the two. TJMaxx tends to carry more urban brands at a slightly lower price than Marshalls. While Marshalls carry more high-end brands. Both stores are great go-to’s if you’re looking to freshen up your closet. You’ll be sure to snag a deal every time you walk in the door!

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

Old Navy

Old Navy has come a long way since the early ’90s. What was once thought of as a “mom store” has been transformed and is a household name but no longer just for moms ( sorry, not sorry) but everyone in the family. A cheaper version of the Gap, Old Navy has been a popular haven for good jeans and summer attire. The legendary Old Navy $1 Flip flops draw in crowds alone, during the warmer months. The clearance section tends to be a gold mine and should be the first place to being your shopping. 

What makes Old Navy jeans popular is not just the range in colored denim but the inexpensive price tag and option of pants length in regular and short. That elusiveness alone will keep customers, especially short-legged ones, coming back for more. 


Savers is a thrift store where people can shop and donate high-quality second-hand items. Like any thrift store, you will need to set aside time in your day to browse the endless racks of merchandise. If you are lucky, you might come into the shop on a day where there is a fifty percent off sale on all merchandise. With price tags of shirts for $5, scoring an extra discount is a sweet deal I wouldn’t want to miss.

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

Burlington Coat Factory

This discount store is a great place to hit up for annual promotions and sales. Burlington Coat Factory is known for its great back to school deals in September where all parents flock to get school uniforms for kids. It is also has a great junior and ladies section and even better clearance section. The company was founded as a wholesaler of ladies’ coats and suits so make sure to head here during the fall for great savings on fashionable winter gear.

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly


Just like Tom Brady, Target is the goat of all discount stores. Who doesn’t love Target? We love Target so much we let Target tell us what to buy, more often than not. This retail chain has an impressive and extensive clothing section for men, women, and children all at affordable prices. A New Day is a popular women’s clothing line for juniors and ladies. This clothing line is similar in refined style to what the Gap and Nordstrom offer but with a much more affordable price tag. 

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly


Like Target, Walmart is another big discount store that has a relatively decent clothing department for men, women, and especially children. You won’t find any big brand names here but you will find cheap everyday basic items, like tee-shirts, camisoles, and lots of jean leggings. This is a great store option to consider when buying bulk quality items for next to nothing.

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Five & Below

This teen-oriented retail discount store guarantees everything in the store is $5 and below. Here you will find a large assortment of games, snacks, jewelry, room decor and more making the store any bargain hunter’s dream come true. Popular items to note are the wall of tee shirts displaying many memes, quotes, and sayings for every personality type and the huge section of leggings. If you are falling behind in finding great presents for friends and family, Five & Below is an excellent place to pick up last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.


If you’re looking for a cute and last-minute outfit for the night, you should go to Rainbow. This discount store offers clothing that is more on the sexier scale. There’s no need to wait for a sale since those prices are already so low, to begin with. Besides, there are daily store discounts always going on to make room for a new product. The clothing material won’t last long but if you’re looking to switch up your look it would be worth heading over to snag a deal of the day.

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly


Ever struggle with finding that winning outfit to nail an interview? Look no further, Dress barn is the place for you. I admit I was baffled to find such great pants suits and collar shirts when the name of this store suggested it carried dresses only. The store’s target consumer is older women but we all need some professional items in our closest once we begin preparing for life after college. So if your wardrobe needs more of a professional update with some signature statement items such as a pantsuit, flats, and even classy jewelry try Dressbarn.

The Best Discount Stores To Update Your Wardrobe Instantly

What are some of your favorite discount stores to score a good bargain? Did we mention any of your favorites? If not, please tell us below in the comment section where you venture to when needing a quick wardrobe update.

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