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The Best Day Trip For Any Bored Ohioan

The Best Day Trip For Any Bored Ohioan

Of all Ohio day trips, Hocking Hills is easily the best. Located just hours from many Ohio Universities, Hocking Hills offers so much to do that I just had to write this article for you, the best day trip in Ohio, Hocking Hills. 

The Hiking

Hocking Hills is home to nine different parks which gives you so much area to hike. They offer guided tours which will take you to popular landmarks, or you can go by yourself. Either way, you will love it. You can spend all-day hiking if you wanted to… but if you are like me and don’t want to, they have options for that too. You can go canoeing, ziplining, and rock climbing, but my personal favorite was the Horseback riding. Riding a horse with my significant other through the trails of Hocking Hills was as great as it sounds. It was a very reasonable price too and went for a good amount of time. Heads up though, the company I used is no longer in business, so you may want to research this option, instead of just winging it. Of all the Ohio day trips, Hocking Hills should be the first choice for hikers.



Other than hiking, there are plenty of places you can visit, including Historic Nelsonville and Historic Lancaster. Both offer a variety of small-town shops, dining, and plenty more bound to keep you exploring for a while. Nearby (depending on which direction you come from) is the authentic Bob Evans Farm which is a must-see for any fan of the restaurant. My favorite place is The Ridges, otherwise formally known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum. Especially during the spooky season, they offer walking tours which will give you the creeps for sure.


I’m sure shopping is a big deal for many travelers. Great Ohio day trips need good old consumerism to be great. Well, Hocking Hills has many different shops for any consumer. My personal favorite is the Farmers Market. I always make sure to try and get corn when I go, but they have so many different vendors with the freshest produce you will always find something. Other great shops my partner and I frequent is the Logan Antique Mall, which is a great antique shop. Also Christmas Treasure and my partner’s personal favorite, the Wind Chime Shop. The final place I will say is the Paper Circle, which is a non-profit print and book arts organization. They have different art exhibits every year, with local, eco-friendly, art exhibits. They have a shop where they sell art, as well as they offer community classes, which is the perfect idea for you and your significant other. They even offer a summer art program for kids to combat the lack of art in schools. I highly suggest stopping by and supporting their fight.



Up to this point, this article has been for someone traveling with their friends or even by themself. Don’t let that discourage you from bringing your family though, because Hocking Hills offers plenty to do for the family. They have tons of rides for the family, including a train that takes you around Hocking Hills, and depending on the current promotion, may even stop off at various points along the way. My nieces loved the train, but they also loved the Mini Golf, and afterward the Skyview Drive-In theater. One of the best things I did with my family though was a bike rental, which may seem a little pricey at first, but I rode around Hocking Hills on bikes with my family, and that in itself was priceless. Not to mention the hiking trails I mentioned earlier give you an endless amount of places to go. Pack a lunch bag, and go ride bikes into the woods and find a secluded area and have lunch. If you are like me though, you might carry a wine flask.

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I saved this one for last because good Ohio day trips are nothing without great food. Well, you will be happy to learn that Hocking Hills has everything you would want. The best dine-in establishment I found is The Old Dutch Restaurant and Banquet Haus because it has a buffet. If you aren’t a pig like me though, they have plenty of great food for you and the whole gang. Another great location that I visit constantly is Diamond Jim’s Pizza and Dog Pound Hot Dogs. They got me hooked on their hot dogs, which are cooked perfectly and loaded with condiments. I usually order two which is kind of dumb because I can never finish two. It’s just so much food! I have never even tried the pizza, so maybe you can let me know how it was in the comments below. Other great places that I have gone to are Rhapsody Restaurant, Salaam, and La Casada. Oh, I almost forgot about the incredible winery which offers wine tastings. That might be my all-time favorite thing to do in Hocking Hills, but it is so hard to decide. Hocking Hills offers many affordable restaurants for everyone to get something to eat. One thing is certain, you won’t go hungry. 


A Few More Tips

Hocking Hills has a lot to offer, so I would highly suggest researching the specifics of what you wanted to do. Luckily has all the information you would need to plan your trip! Also, keep in mind that the seasons will affect what is open and closed. Lastly, make sure to stay on trails and to clean up after yourself. Hocking Hills is beautiful, and they intend to keep it beautiful for generations to come, so do your part. Of any Ohio day trips you pitch to me, I will always say that Hocking Hills beats it.

Well, that was I say Hocking Hills is the best of any Ohio day trips a person can take because of the wide variety of stuff to do and places to see. This makes sure each time you go to Hocking Hills, you do something different than the time you came before. If I forgot anywhere in Hocking Hills that you love, make sure to let me know in the comments below!