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The Best Couch Sex Positions For Next-Level Sex

The Best Couch Sex Positions For Next-Level Sex

couch sex positions can get tricky and are overlooked. Here are 5 great couch sex positions that will make your couch sex session much better and fun.

You’ve heard of every type of sex imaginable: outdoor sex, shower sex, car sex, the list goes on-and-on. It’s a possibility you’ve overlooked couch sex since generally you think of a very public room setting. First thing that comes to my mind truthfully is a living or communal room. Regardless, couch sex is a lot more glamorous than you’ve initially thought. Perhaps you’re thinking a couch barely holds two people or that there need to be some seriously skillful couch sex positions at play. Truth be told, mastering the best couch sex positions is something you’re likely doing in bed. Here are some of the best sex positions for couch sex.

Mind-Blowing Couch Sex Positions

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The Lotus

This is one of the best couch sex positions to date. It requires little to no room and is a fairly comfortable sex position; seriously, this is an easy sex position that requires zero effort. Have your babe sit crisscrossed while you sit on top of them. Wrap your legs around them while they hold your hips. This is a seriously easy couch sex position that will rev up your session.

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Deep Spoon Position

This is another one of the best couch sex positions for couch sex. The spooning sex position is one of the most notorious sex positions for women that feel incredible. This classic sex position makes sense to do on a couch since there’s a likely chance the two of you are already spooning on the couch. This sex position would totally promote a quickie.

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Doggy Style

Doggy style is another one of those classic sex positions upgraded as one of the best couch sex positions. Arrange yourself with bent knees on the seat of the couch and face the back. Your partner should line their feet on the floor and have their knees pressed against the seat. Thankfully you have pillows to master the perfect alignment. Allow yourself to have fun having couch sex.

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Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is the perfect couch sex position. This gives you complete control and to get great g-spot penetration. Sit on your partners lap with your back facing them. Make sure your partner is on the edge of the couch or this couch sex position won’t work out too well. You’re in total control since this is a sex position with the woman in control.

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Standing Positions

Standing sex positions are great choices for having couch sex. Unlike your bed, the angle of a couch is much lower and easier to stand on. If you really want to try a fun sex position have your partner stand in front of the couch while holding onto your legs. You should rest your feet on the base of the couch and hold their neck. This standing sex position is perfect for couch sex. Make sure you have your balance.

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What are the best couch sex positions you’ve done?

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