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The Best Coronavirus Tik Toks That Every College Student Can Relate To

The Best Coronavirus Tik Toks That Every College Student Can Relate To

The best Tik Toks that any student dealing with the Coronavirus can relate to. Give your anxiety about the virus a break and have a good laugh instead!

The best Tik Toks are ones that can make you laugh, even in times of trouble. Well, we seem to have entered some very troubling times as the coronavirus sweeps across the world. Universities are closing left and right, kicking their students off of campus and making them take classes online instead. While school closings seem to be like a great idea at first, they really do come with some ups and downs, and we could all use a good laugh right about now. That’s why this list contains some of the best Tik Toks related to how students are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and you’ll definitely find them relatable.

1. It’s Corona Time

Why evacuate when the weather is this nice? Not even coronavirus can stop Fordham University students from enjoying the sun. State of emergency? Evacuation? I don’t know her. I’m just here, working on my tan. If it’s corona time, then I’m at least going to live it up while I still can.

@rileylynnmIf this doesn’t go viral something is wrong w TikTok ##fyp ##corona ##newyork ##darty♬ Its Corona time – playboierik21


2. #CancelEverything

Not needing to get out of bed to go to class sounds amazing at first. But then it hits you that everything else is being cancelled, too. Time to say some tearful goodbyes to spring formal, commencement, and sports games. Anyone down for Spring Formal via Skype? No? Didn’t think so. Just don’t mind me as I cry alone in my room, listening to my professor lecture our class via Google Meetup. I’ll live. Hopefully.

@morgannthorpeewhen your school goes online the rest of the year✌🏼 ##coronavirusvibes ##university ##college ##springbreak♬ Трагедия 😥 – wweagleweagle

3. Conflicted Feelings

When you’re stoked you don’t need to be surrounded by the people you hate in your residence hall, but hate that you won’t get to go to that themed mixer with your friends and take that picture you were planning for your Insta. Or when you remember you can lay in bed all day while taking your classes online, but then remember your school was competing in March Madness and you were going to the next game. This whole coronavirus thing really does have its ups and downs.

@hopegauthierr🙁 ##coronavirus ##itscoronatime♬ Its Corona time – playboierik21

4. Should I Be Worried?

One kid on the opposite end of your campus comes down with a case of the coronavirus, and then suddenly that small itch you felt in your throat might as well be a raw burning sensation. A single cough? Mild sneeze? Someone call the coroner and start digging. I lived my best life. At least I won’t need to take finals, now (even if they were online).

@bella.averaWhere’s my coronagang at ##coronavirus♬ Exactly How I Feel (feat. Gucci Mane) – Lizzo

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5. Attracting The Wrong Type

When I was talking about wanting someone to make me warm and fuzzy inside, I wasn’t referring to the coronavirus giving me a 102-degree fever and chills, thanks. There really is a special place in Hell for whatever greater power decided I would be more likely to attract a deadly respiratory illness instead of a man in my life. Thank you, next.

@caitlinjjonesshmmm, ya hate to see it ##coronavirus ##coronatime ##PlayWithLife ##makeuphacks ##normalpeople ##bf ##college ##boyfriend ##boys♬ original sound – coltin.bryant3


6. F*uck Everything Up

When you’re a student in college, minding your business and living your best life away from home, and then plague of 2020 hits and suddenly you’re dying, chained to your bed,  and taking classes online. Yeah, this was not what I had in mind when people said college would be “the best days of your life”.

@megan.mausertfeel like i am the only person who DOESN’T want to leave college ##fyp ##foryoupage ##coronavirus ##college♬ I Think I’m OKAY – Machine Gun Kelly & YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker

What do you think are the best Tik Toks relating to the coronavirus? Are you a student? If so, has your school closed down, too? What are you doing to deal with the coronavirus? Tell us in the comments!

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