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The Best Corny Halloween Movies To Watch This October

The Best Corny Halloween Movies To Watch This October

The weather is getting chilly, the spiders are coming out, and there’s an eery feeling in the air. That means Halloween is coming. The spooky holiday brings not just Halloween costumes, candy, and scary decorations, but also movies theoumed after the holiday. Many people use Halloween as the perfect excuse to watch horror movies, as the spooky holiday is a great time to see creepy and dark stories on the screen. Movies like Scream and The Shining are considered Halloween classics by many due to their dark themes and chilling scenes.

Watching scary movies for Halloween with friends or even alone is quite common these days. American Horror Story continues to grow in popularity and some classic horror movies are popping up on Netflix, making it super easy to be spooked during October. These thrilling and scary movies are a fun way to spend October. After all, horror fits perfectly for Halloween since the holiday is meant to be scary and chilling. But horror movies are not the only way to enjoy the spooky holiday. Halloween movies do not have to always be a horror to be enjoyable. Many famous Halloween movies are much more lighthearted and silly. Not all Halloween movies will make you shriek in horror or hide under the covers.

For those among us who are scaredy-cats, this is a relief. Despite horror movies being extremely popular, some of us will always find them to be more unpleasant than thrilling. We don’t enjoy the feeling that we have to check our shower curtain murderers after watching a horror film. Plus, even horror lovers may feel that the market for Halloween horror movies is oversaturated. So it’s refreshing that there are Halloween movies that aren’t meant to be scary. Horror might be what comes to mind first when we think of Halloween movies, but really any movie genre can work for this holiday. You don’t have to be a horror fanatic to enjoy Halloween movies. Plenty of them offer scare-free experiences these days.

Many beloved Halloween movies today are not only not horror but unapologetically cheesy. From bad special effects to outrageous costumes, many Halloween movies are super corny. But that cheesiness is all part of the charm. After all, Halloween is in itself a bit silly when you think about it. We dress up in costumes and eat lots of candy for the holiday. Despite being spooky, it’s not a very serious holiday. So cheesy and Halloween actually goes well together when it comes to movies. That’s why it’s no wonder many nonhorror Halloween movies are very popular. So instead of opting for a traditional marathon of horror films, opt for some silly Halloween movies this year. Here are the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

1. Halloween Town

If you grew up on Disney Channel, you probably know this series well. The goofy movie involves a young girl discovering she is a witch and eventually exploring a town where all sorts of spooky creatures reside. She must save the town from the evil all well learning how to use her powers. The movie is super cheesy but cute and funny, with multiple movies offered. However, many agree that the original is the best as it has a certain unique charm to it that the others lack. The cheesy special effects and funny jokes will make the movie a fun one to watch with friends. You’ll also feel super nostalgic watching it if you were a Disney Channel fan as a kid.

the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

2. Scooby-Doo

This Halloween movie follows the beloved gang of mystery solvers. As a live-action film, you can expect the movie to come equipped with goofy special effects, over-the-top acting, and silly costumes. Scooby-Doo himself is also a CGI dog, which might be unsettling at first since the movie was made in 2002. Yet despite all this, the movie is quite enjoyable to watch. The actors nail the character’s personalities and the movie is full of hilarious jokes. If you’re a Scooby-Doo fan or just a sucker for cheesy and dumb movies, this is a good one to watch.

the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

3. Hocus Pocus

This movie is a cult classic and a fun movie to watch during October. The story involves a boy in Salem accidentally waking three evil witches who wish to suck the souls of Salem’s children. Despite those three witches being the main villains of the story, they are by far the best part of the movie. They have memorable and hilarious dialogue and each one has a distinct personality. If you love movies involving witches and magic, you should consider watching Hocus Pocus as it contains a band of evil but somehow still lovable witches in it.

the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

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4. Twitches

Another Disney Channel original movie to put on the Halloween list is Twitches. The funny title is based on the fact that the story involves two twins who are also both witches. The cute movie is very much similar to Halloween Town because it involves the duo fighting off evil with bad special effects and outdated fashion. Yet it also is enjoyable to watch and lighthearted. It’s definitely a good nonscary Halloween movie to watch this year. The movie is silly and exciting, and you’ll never be bored when you watch it. If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch for Halloween this year, then you should watch Twitches.

the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

5. Casper

This cheesy movie involves the famous ghost, Casper. It’s super cute, funny, and a sweet movie. If you’re sad during October, this is a good Halloween movie to watch because it will cheer you up. The movie is super cute and of course, cheesy. But despite the outdated special effects and CGI Casper, the movie has retained its charm. If you want to watch a movie that is silly and innocent, then you should watch Casper for Halloween this year.

the best corny Halloween movies to watch this October!

Are there any other corny Halloween movies you think are worth watching this October? Comment below and tell us!

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