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The Best Colors To Wear With Green Eyes

When people see the color green, their automatic thoughts are of nature and the natural world. I mean, can you blame them? The grass is green, spring leaves are green, the trees are green, plants and flower stems are green. The list can go on and on, as I am sure you are aware. Now, where does that leave green eyes? When people see green eyes, do they almost immediately think of the few things I just named off? Possibly. I, myself, have green eyes, and of the numerous times people have looked at them they tell me they often think of a forest. Again, the natural world.

Whenever I wanted to dress up for a special occasion, I didn’t know what to wear. Generally, I wanted to wear something that would make my eyes pop, given they are one of the only features I like about myself. However, I had no idea what made green eyes pop. I did my research and found that the colors that accentuate green eyes were colors that were regularly seen in the natural world. Again, nature. To best explain this, here is a list of the best colors to wear for green eyes.

1.) Purple

If you want to catch a stranger’s eye, then purple will be your best friend. According to L’oreal Paris, purple is a universal color that flatters every eye color: blue, brown, hazel, even grey. However, it is especially admiring with green eyes. When purple is worn with green eyes, the lucky color’s appearance is more eye-catching. Like a lavender farm under a summer sunset. Whether it is a night out with the girls, a morning interview, or date night, wear something purple-it could be a clothing item or a soft shade of eyeshadow. You cannot go wrong with the eccentric color.

2.) Red

To better emphasize and accentuate your green gems, wear red. Red is the standard color when pairing another with green. You have Christmas to thank for that. When wearing red, be sure that the color is on the darker side of the color palette. The reason I say this is because bright red, like candy apple, may compete or contrast your green eyes. Making it difficult for your eyes to be the primary focus. Think of the pairing like seeing a winterberry holly tree in the middle of winter. Against the white flakes that winter brings, all you see are cherry speckles of red.

3.) Green

Naturally, wearing green will do anything but fail you in terms of making your eyes stand out in a crowd. Wearing items that are the same color as your eyes is not particularly a tedious thing to do. If anything, it is customary. When you wear something that is the same color as your eyes, whether it is an eyeshadow, a dress, or a jacket, you are highlighting your eyes. It is like taking a picture of the ocean on a sunny day. If you edit the picture and increase the brightness and contrast a bit, then the color of the ocean becomes emphasized. It becomes more distinctive than the sky because of the color of the sky. Does that make sense? In other words, green always go with green! Just like green always goes well with Ireland.

4.) Black

Like purple, black is a universal praiseful color to wear. However, wearing black with green eyes makes the already rich gemstones of eyes glow like a star in the night. Out of all the basic neutral colors, black is, hands-down, the best choice to wear, when having green eyes. Plus, it is an easy color to wear for almost any occasion: a night out, a night in, on a date, in the morning, etc. You can wear it when you want to look sexy, attractive, professional, cozy, or (my favorite), lazy. Everyone has a shadow they live in and like to wear (metaphorically to explain the color). Even the earth. Ultimately, it is the shadow that projects the exceptional color on the surface. In this case, it would be green.

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5.) Blue

Because blue is one of the two that creates the color green, it is reasonable to understand why it is one of the best colors to wear for green eyes. Blue is another color that if regularly associated with nature or the natural world. The sky is blue. The ocean is blue. If you think about it, the natural world needs both those things to thrive; sunshine and water. In other words, wearing the color blue can make your green eyes expand as well. Expand and swell in their natural beauty. Like cornflowers twirl and flourish in an open region, surrounded by an abundance of grass and sunshine, let your eyes twirl while being wrapped in blue. 

6.) Pink

Just as pink can brighten up your face or reveal something you did not want to be known, so does it brighten up green eyes. According to makeup artist, Ashley Rebecca, wearing pink with green eyes illuminates the green eyes while also bringing out hidden streaks of gold, which are beautiful. Much like cherry blossoms highlighting the green ground that they sprouted from. You do not notice it is there until the cherry blossom tree is nearly in full bloom.

The next time you want to dress up in something that will accentuate your green eyes, try on something of these colors. You never know what will pull everyone’s attention. A captivating lavender farm at sunset or a shadow. A breathtaking winterberry held up in the snowy season or the great plains of Ireland. A twirling cornflower that is surrounded by tall grasses or a cherry blossom tree that is in the middle of its full bloom. Take a shot and try them all on. What is the harm?

What do you like to wear to accentuate your eyes? Have you tried wearing any of these colors? If so, which ones work for you if not all of them? Leave your comments below.

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