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The Best Colors For Almond Shaped Nails

Almond-shaped nails are an upgrade from basic round nails and are less dangerous looking than stilettos. Obviously, they are inspired by the shape of an almond with a wider base and a rounded shape with a slightly pointed tip. Almond shapes are the perfect nail shape for those who need to be able to still use their fingers for work and you can do them in a variety of lengths! Almond-shaped nails are always chic and will help you look put-together even in leggings and a t-shirt! Now that you are in the know about the best nail shape, check out these ideas for the best colors to paint them! 

Perfectly Pink

Just say no to dark heavy shades and try on a lightly tinted pink color! Pink is a neutral nail color so it will go with everything and it is girly and sweet. It is a great go-to color if you like your nails to match your outfits and any shade of pink looks cute! Try everything from the darkest roses to the barely-there shades, anything goes! Nude pinks look very chic and on-trend but you can spice it up for summer with brighter, more fun shades. If you want to punch up the look, add a glittery accent and you’ll be all set! 

Blue Hue

Blue nails can be calming, when you use lighter shades or energizing when you pick bolder colors. Feel like Cinderella and opt for a soft, powder blue color. Lighter colors like periwinkle type blue look perfect in the springtime and brighter shades look fun during the summer. If blue is a little off the wall for you, try a light, shimmery shade or one that is see-through so you only get the slightest hint of color! If you’re heading on vacation, don’t be afraid to try bright blues or mermaid shades to match your beach destination!

Pretty Pastel

Pastels are a great option if you want several colors but don’t want it to be too busy. Pastels invoke a fresh feeling and the sugary colors are cute and festive for warmer weather. Perfect for spring and summer, pink a few pastel hues and alternate nails or do little touches of each color. Dress it up with an accent nail featuring all the color (see below) or go for a more asymmetrical application for a more artistic and understated look. 

Magically Maroon

If you want a deeper color but aren’t feeling like red, try maroon! I love doing maroon in the fall and winter and the darker the color, the more I love it! Maroon is a more sophisticated look and it is a great option if you work in a formal office and brighter colored nails would be a little too much. It’s super chic, dramatic and looks great paired with edgier outfits. If you really want to punch up the drama, try an ombre effect and let the color fade to black! The best thing about maroon is that the shade looks amazing on all skin tones so you can be sure that it will look great on you! 

Natural Nude

If pink isn’t your thing but you want to remain neutral in your nail color try nudes! While you may have thought that nudes are boring, almond-shaped nails are interesting enough that you don’t have to overwhelm them with color. Nude shades look great on this shape without being over the top and when you add other small details like painted designs, gems or a reverse french tip, they really pop. When you pick a natural color, you can be sure that you will have a pretty and versatile look. These shades are easy to maintain and of course, go with everything! 

Ready For Red

My personal favorite shade for nails, no matter what the shape, is RED! There is something so classic and pretty about red nails and I think that red nails look fantastic with everything! Throughout the decades, red nails have been in vogue. Even in earlies times, clear back to 3000BC, ladies have been making their anils red. In more recent decades, WWII’s factory workers to pinups wore rosey nails and today, it seems that every celebrity and model swear by the shade. Try a darker red if you are new to the color or bright red for summertime or for a pop of color. Red nails add some drama and will give you a mood boost if you are having a bad day! 

See Also

Geometric Gems

If one color is too boring for you, try going for some colorful geometric shapes. Geometric designs have been trending for several years and with the latest take using nudes with whites for the designs. If you need color but want it to be on-trend, use a neutral-colored base and have your design in a bright color or two! Kick it up a notch and have your nails all painted one color and have an accent nail in a bright color with the design on top! Even if it is as simple as some triangles or dots, geometric nails are a way to add interest. No matter what colors or designs you choose, adding these shapes makes them chic and a total stand out. 

Artsy Art

Finally, if just simple painted nails aren’t enough for you, go for some unique nail art! If you really like switching up your nails, get out of the traditional color blocks: pastels in the spring, bright colors in the summer and red at Christmas. Let yourself roam into the world of amazing nail art and have some fun! Artists can do everything from painted designs, marbled, tie-dye, holographic and appliques. You can even add charms and make your nails into little aquariums! Basically, the sky is the limit and you are only limited by your imagination! Don’t be afraid to go over-the-top, let your nails truly be works of art. If you really need some inspo, Pinterest is your friend with millions of ideas! 

What is your go-to nail color? Share in the comments below!

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