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The Best Cologne To Buy Your Man Based On His Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking to buy your man new cologne but have absolutely NO idea where to start, check out his zodiac sign and pick a scent that compliments his best qualities!

1) Aries- The One By Dolce And Gabbana

If your beau is an Aries, we’re sure you’ve noticed by now that he LOVES attention. He’s super awesome- and he knows it. He’s naturally sexy, confident and driven, and he LIVES to show you off. The One by Dolce And Gabbana embodies your man’s natural sexuality with hints of grapefruit and ginger, and it has a scent that will linger long after he’s left- making sure he stays on everyone’s minds even when he is not physically present. 

2) Taurus – Dior Homme Intense

Dior Homme Intense is basically what you would get if you bottled the essence of a taurus. Masculine but still sweet and romantic, this scent by Dior captures all of your favorite things about your man. With notes of lavender and pear, this cologne is not afraid to get in touch with it’s feminine side, just like your s/o. It’s literally called intense, which as we all know, is the perfect way to sum up a taurus. This cologne is the perfect blend between tough and soft, a mix we know any taurus guy can appreciate!

3) Gemini – Montblanc Legend

Gemini guys are hard to pin down, and they’re incredibly confusing so shopping for one can be tough! Legend by Montblanc is a mix of new and old, just like your Gemini man! With notes of amber, pineapple and lavender, this cologne combines the fun with the sexy, and will continue to change the more you smell it, capturing the mercurial and fickle nature of your mans as well as his playful yet serious nature. 

4) Cancer – Calvin Klein Eternity

Cancer men are soft and loving, and they’re incredibly sensitive. Cancer guys need a scent as timeless and mature as they are, and Calvin Klein’s Eternity fits the bill. With notes of lavender and orange and undertones of coriander, this scent is soft enough for your cancer, but packs a punch just like his temper. Cancers can have a hard time coming out of their shells and they like to stay out of sight, and this cologne is just enough for our timid cancer. It’s not too overwhelming as to draw too much attention, but the scent is classic and mature enough to make it a must-have for your guy! 

5) Leo – Gucci Guilty

Ah, leo. King of the jungle and swagger to spare. Your mans is the center of attention, and he loves every second of it! He loves to have fun and he’s charismatic AF, which means he’s got an incredibly magnetic personality. Gucci Guilty is a combination of citrus top notes and spicy patchouli, and it will basically ensure your leo man stands out even more than he already does!

6) Virgo – HERO By Kenneth Cole

Virgo men are clean-cut, organized and predictable. They don’t like to cause a big scene, and they can sometimes come off as too cold. You know your man better than anyone, and you know once they get to know him, everyone will be just as infatuated with hi as you are! Help your virgo guy relax with notes of lavender and clary sage, and warm up that icy exterior with a hint of amber and musk!

7) Libra – Chrome Azzaro

Your libra man craves balance in all parts of his life, and his cologne should be no different! Libras are naturally creative and romantic, so appeal to your s/o’s softer side with a fragrance as complicated as the man who’s wearing it. Chrome by Azzuro is sensual yet clean, and it’s incredibly earthy, which is perfect for a guy who’s constantly compelled to stay grounded and in desperate need to get in touch with his natural humanity. Herbal, fruity and enticing, this cologne is a creative mix of sweet and earthy. 

8) Scorpio – CLEAN Black Leather

If you’re lucky enough to land a scorpio, you know that they are incredibly passionate, intense and romantic. But they can also be overwhelmingly broody and rebellious. They have a bad boy reputation in the zodiac world, but they are also known for their overpowering warmth and effortless romantic attitude. Black Leather is a cologne as brooding and dark as your man, but it’s also irresistibly sexy and warm. Bergamot, black leather amber and spearmint combine to create a scent that’s rebellious and hypnotic, perfect for any scorpio bad boy!

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9) Sagittarius – Green Irish Tweed By Creed

Sag guys love a sense of adventure, and anything to do with being outdoors. So when it comes to picking a cologne, its best to stick with a scent that is natural, that smells like a breath of fresh air. Green Irish Tweed is a light and earthy cologne, that smells like a walk down an Irish country road. It’s inviting and comfortable, but has a magnetic quality to it, just like your man!

10) Capricorn – Colonia Mirra By Acqua Di Parma

Capricorn men are known for their unusual taste, their natural sexiness and their sensitivity. When picking out a cologne for your guy, make sure to keep all of these factors in mind! Colonia Mirra combines two intense scents (fresh and warm) to create an invigorating and unique experience that will awaken all of your senses and leave you feeling incredibly stimulated- which is after all what you want from your guy, right? 

11) Aquarius – Bleu De Chanel

Aquarius guys are naturally captivating, and possess a quality that draws people in to make them want to get to know them. Your man’s cologne should be as enticing and original as he is, and Bleu De Chanel certainly checks all the boxes. This cologne stands out from the bunch and marches to the beat of its own drum, but is still incredibly magnetic and sexy (sound familiar?).

12) Pisces – Pure Black Pour Homme

Pisces men are super dreamy and sensitive, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Show off your man’s ability to go with the flow with Pure Black. Invigorate your senses with this minty, woodsy cologne that is just as intense and sophisticated as your bf!

Which cologne best fits your s/o zodiac sign? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

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