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The Best Coffee Shops Around The UVM Campus

The Best Coffee Shops Around The UVM Campus

If you don't have a personal coffee maker in your dorm, then you need to get your joe elsewhere. Luckily, there are places on UVM's campus available for just that. Here's a few coffee shops UVM has to offer.

You know this feeling: it’s 8:30 am in Burlington. You’ve woken up early and are now slogging your way to class. Or maybe it’s 8:30 pm and you need a quick buzz before staying up, studying or catching up on missed work. If you don’t have a personal coffee maker in your dorm, then you need to get your joe elsewhere. Luckily, there are places on UVM’s campus available for just that. Here’s a few coffee shops UVM has to offer.

1. The Cyber Café

Adored by students for its array of computers, comfortable seating, ample wall outlets and great staff, the Cyber Café, located on the first floor of the Bailey/Howe Library, is the late-night studier’s pitstop for coffee. It boasts an impressive amount of variety of caffeinated drinks from that locally-famous Speeder & Earls brand to bubbly cappuccinos to classic soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Ginger Ale. On top of that, the place also offers portable sandwiches, sushi, salads, cheese and other quick lunches that’ll fill you up should you get hungry any time during the day. The Cyber Café needs no further explanation. If you haven’t been there at least once in your UVM career, you’re missing out on a great resource. Trust me, it takes effort to not be satisfied here!

2. CAT Pause Convenience Store

Located on the bottom floor of the Davis Center, straight ahead of it’s central campus entrance, CATS Pause offers coffee all throughout the morning, making it an essential resource for students struggling to stay awake in class. On top of that, their ready-to-go breakfast sandwiches make it a good stop for those who need a little energy along with their caffeine to stay alert. It closes at 3:30 pm though, so afterwards you’ll need to seek other options such as…


Here's a few coffee shops UVM has to offer.

 3. Given Bistro

Offering Sodexo’s own Aspretto brand of coffee (no that’s not a great complement considering Sodexo’s reputation but trust us, it’s better than than it sounds), cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and more, the Given Bistro is a quick cheap way to get pumped up for your day. As they serve breakfast foods as well, also for cheap, the place is truly a hidden gem on campus. Seek it out and love the results!

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4. Waterman Café

Waterman Café, located on the second floor of the complex (actually a flight of stairs down from the main entrance), offers coffee from opening at 7:30 am to closing around 2:30 pm. As a lunch place, it is superb and one of the best ways to get hot food on campus on the cheap that doesn’t involve the dining halls. For students on this side of the Green, the café has been a reliable source of energy and awareness since its opening. So don’t walk the extra five minutes to the Cyber Café. It doesn’t have the fame but it’s perfect as it is.

Here's a few coffee shops UVM has to offer.

5. Brennan’s

Ah Brennan’s. What would the Davis Center be without the smell of bar food and popcorn that radiates from this place whenever someone passes it by. Luckily for students, Brennan’s also serves coffee from dawn to dusk. And since the place closes at 11:00 pm, it’s perfect to head to, not just for a late-night snack on campus, but also for a buzz when the Cyber Café closes. And don’t worry about the bar environment either. The comfortable cushions and amble literature in the Book Nook at the very back will keep you relaxed as you sit away at your cup of joe, and munch away at whatever delicious meal you ordered. Nice! These are just a few of the coffee Shops UVM has to offer!

What are your favorite coffee shops UVM has to offer? Let us know in the comments below!

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