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The Best Coffee Shops In Lee’s Summit

Coffee shops are a huge part of Lee’s Summit city life! They are the perfect place to meet friends, interview clients, or enjoy a relaxing lunch break. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best coffee shops you need to visit ASAP!

1. Love, Coffee

Located just off 150 highway, this charming coffee shop provides a widely varied menu. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for customers looking to socialize or study! They also sell shirts, hats, and stickers with their logo. If you decide that this is one of your favorite coffee shops, show them some love by wearing their merch!

Their wide menu can be overwhelming to choose from sometimes! Between the delicious sweets, sandwiches, and local ice cream, you’ll have a hard time only visiting once! \\I recommend trying their matcha latte with either vanilla or lavender syrup and oat milk. The syrups vary depending on the season, but you will definitely want to add some sort of sweetener if you don’t like the strong matcha taste. If you need a sweet bite to go along with your drink, I recommend trying their coffee cake muffin. If you are a coffee drinker, try their vanilla latte or nitro coffee! Both drinks have a strong coffee taste that will satisfy your caffeine cravings!

2. Gusto Coffee Bistro

If you live in Lee’s Summit, you know all about Gusto! Owned and operated by a Christian family, Gusto is a cozy coffee shop that is always buzzing with activity. They craft a wide variety of drinks that will appeal to both coffee drinkers and non-coffee-drinkers! They also make a variety of sandwiches, salads, and sweets that pair well with your drink. While you are waiting for the baristas to make your drink, you can browse the selection of local art that is displayed around the coffee shop.

As a bonus, Gusto is open until 7pm each day! That is a rare perk among coffee shops, which is just another reason to love this coffee shop! I recommend visiting Gusto multiple times so that you can try several drinks on their menu. My favorites are the matcha latte with vanilla syrup, vanilla latte, and cinnamon fog. They have all the milk substitutes, as well as gluten-free treats! I recommend trying their southwest chicken sandwich, scones, or breakfast burrito. 

3. Rehope Market & Cafe

As an old home converted into a coffee shop, Rehope is the perfect place for business meetings, casual dates, and homework studying. They have a pretty standard cafe menu, with drinks that appeal to all different palates. Their drinks vary depending on the season, but their signature drinks are crafted all year! If you want a sweet bite with your coffee, you will want to stop by earlier in the day. Their delicious pastries sell quick! 

Rehope is also a supporter of the Restoration House of Greater Kansas City, which ministers to survivors of human trafficking. They support the Restoration House’s mission to lovingly assist survivors by providing a long-term home. When you order at Rehope, be sure to round up your payment so that you can contribute to the cause! 

I recommend trying their Harry Styles latte or the Faithful signature drink. Both drinks have a sweet flavor that is cool and refreshing for summer! If you want a warm drink, try their Americano with steamed oat milk or the Restored tea. While you wait for your drink, browse the large selection of local, handmade crafts that are displayed in Rehope’s front room!

4. Ahadu Coffee

Ahadu Coffee has some of the very best coffee in Lee’s Summit! Their coffee is organically sourced from places like Ethiopia and The Dominican Republic. They have a varied menu that is complete with seasonal drinks you won’t find anywhere else! Their coffee shop is spacious, which makes it the perfect spot for group meetings and hangouts!

I recommend trying their Italian soda for non-coffee drinkers, and an Americano with steamed coconut milk for coffee fanatics! You also need to try Ahadu’s signature homemade crepes. The crepes are made right in front of you and filled with toppings including bananas, strawberries, and chocolate. If you drink coffee at home, you can also buy Ethiopian coffee beans in the store! Ahadu may be a little off the beaten path in Lee’s Summit, but it is definitely worth a visit!

5. Whistle Stop Coffee & Mercantile

Located in the heart of Downtown Lee’s Summit, Whistle Stop is a bustling coffee shop. When you visit Whistle Stop, you are very likely to run into people you know amidst the hustle and bustle! This coffee shop is located directly across from the train station, hence its name. With their wide menu of lattes, teas, sodas, seasonal drinks, and more, Whistle Stop is the perfect place for a coffee date or casual lunch with friends!

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As you wait in line, browse the shelves lined with coffee mugs, yummy treats, and unique gifts. They sell a wide variety of gifts that will appeal to the coffee lover in your life! If you go to Whistle Stop during your lunch break, make sure to try The Terminator sandwich. Meatlovers will be drooling over this delicious meal! I also recommend trying their matcha latte, vanilla latte, or cinnamon tea. You will find the variety of sandwiches, pastries, and drinks to be overwhelming, which is all the more reason to visit multiple times!

6. Post Coffee Company

Post Coffee is a highly favored coffee shop among Lee’s Summit residents! The atmosphere is clean, cozy, and welcoming, making you feel right at home. The baristas are friendly and always willing to give suggestions! Their menu varies depending on the season and the coffee they are roasting, but it will never disappoint you! You can also buy coffee beans that they roast in their coffee shop. While you are waiting for your drink to be made, take a peek at the roasters as they make their signature blends!

I recommend ordering a latte or tea for a drink! Their latte flavors tend to vary, but the baristas are always willing to give you recommendations! They also have a variety of baked goods and burritos. I recommend trying their oatmeal or egg burrito if you go for breakfast!

Post is the ideal spot for meeting friends, studying, or working. Their music can be a little loud sometimes, but they also have outdoor seating so that you can escape from the noise! If you are searching for a trendy and fun coffee spot, Post Coffee is the place for you!

Whether you visit Rehope for a quiet study session or Whistle Stop for a quick lunch break, you won’t be disappointed in Lee’s Summit’s coffee shops! After your visit, make sure that you leave a review letting others know how much you enjoyed each location! 

Which of these local coffee shops are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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