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The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

Thrifting can be difficult if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. Entering a thrift shop without any idea of what you plan on buying will just end in disappointment. Knowing what you’re looking for is the most important step when planning to go thrifting and will make your experience so much smoother. Here are some clothing items to look for when thrifting.

1. Hoodies/Sweatshirts

Whenever I need a new oversized hoodie or sweatshirt, the first place I’m looking is my local thrift shop. I find that most shops I go to always have a plethora of sweatshirts to choose from. Hoodies and sweatshirts are also great if you just need some fabric but don’t want to spend a ton of money on it. When I look for this specific clothing item, I head straight to the men’s section.

I tend to have more luck in the men’s section compared to the women’s. I like my hoodies and sweatshirts more oversized, so it’s easier to find what I’m looking for in the men’s section. Don’t be afraid to take a look around the entire store because you never know what you could be missing by just sticking to your usual clothing racks! You could find something you really like, so who cares if it wasn’t made specifically for your gender?

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

2. Oversized T-Shirts

When I thrift, I ALWAYS leave the store with at least 3 oversized tees. There are always a ton to choose from, and they’re normally one of the cheapest items you can get. A lot of the time, I look in the men’s section just to make sure they are really oversized. I also find that these t-shirts are good for tie-dying or trying out new trends without ruining an expensive shirt.

You can never go wrong with an oversized tee. There is so much you can do with this clothing item that the possibilities are practically endless. So, if you like to turn oversized t-shirts into crop tops or you need to experiment on some fabric, make sure to get yourself some these t-shirts.

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

3. Jeans

I find jeans to be more difficult to find when thrifting. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look or even just get a pair that is a few sizes too big. There are easy ways to customize your thrifted jeans to fit without having to put in a ton of effort. This is useful especially if you find a brand that you really like but they aren’t in your size.

There have been plenty of times when I passed up a pair of cute jeans just because they were a size too big. But if you have the money and time to put into jeans that you really like, go for it! It’s better to try to customize a pair of jeans you really like rather than regretting not buying them. Jeans are definitely something you should be on the lookout for on your next thrifting trip.

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

4. Jackets

Finding a good jacket can be difficult while thrifting, but it isn’t impossible. There have been a couple times when I’ve come across hidden gems. You have to know exactly what you’re looking for or you might miss out on something you’ll really like. If you love jean jackets, make sure you are keeping an eye out strictly for jean jackets, or you could easily get distracted. Sometimes something else will catch your eye and you’ll lose track of what you were looking for in the first place.

Jackets can be a great addition to your closet and should always be on your list of clothing items to look for when shopping. You’d be surprised at how many different kinds of jackets thrift stores have. There are so many options and you should always keep your eyes peeled for jackets that you can customize or repurpose. Jackets can be difficult to find, but when you do, you’ll be glad that you kept your options open.

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

5. Cute Tops

When I used to think of thrifting, I didn’t imagine finding cute, fashionable tops. I imagined a bunch of old clothing items that were probably older than I was. But I was wrong. I couldn’t believe how many tops I would find when I went thrifting. It was unbelievable that I could actually add these items to my closet and be excited about them. I had no clue that I was missing out on these pieces until I found them.

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Always keep your eyes open for new tops, even if it doesn’t seem like there are any. You’d be surprised at how many times I judged a thrift store by the outside and ended up finding a ton of great pieces inside. Manage your expectations and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll find. Tops are definitely something you’ll want to be in search of the next time you go out thrifting.

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

6.  Skirts/Dresses

Some of my favorite skirts and dresses have come from thrift shops. They are extremely easy to customize and make the way you want. I have always had an easy time finding cute and simple dresses and skirts that I could add my own little touch to. Don’t be afraid to buy items out of your specific size range because you can sew and adjust them in the future.

Dresses are another great clothing item that you can use for fabric. I know a lot of people who turn dresses into tops and skirts or just use the fabric on other items. There are so many options when it comes to these items that you really can’t go wrong. Having skirts and dresses on your list of clothing items to keep an eye out for is a must.

The Best Clothing Items to Look for When Thrifting

Will you be looking for these clothing items the next time you go thrifting? Let us know in the comments below!

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