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The Best Cloth Masks That You Need To Buy ASAP

The Best Cloth Masks That You Need To Buy ASAP

The Best Cloth Masks That You Need To Buy ASAP

Even though we have all been staying at home, we still may need to leave our houses for some reason or another. Heading to the grocery store? Going to pick up takeout? You need to wear a mask in public places, especially where you are unable to social distance from others around you. If you are waiting in a long line at Trader Joe’s or anywhere for any reason, you should be wearing a mask too. It seems like now cloth masks have been seen more by individuals running errands than any other type of mask. Cloth masks can be found at a bunch of places online, so you can have one delivered right to your doorstep. Here are the best places to find cloth masks that you need to buy as soon as possible!

1. Old Navy 

Recently, Old Navy started selling their own cloth masks on their website. Obviously, their stores are currently closed for shopping in person, but they still want to do their part in helping keep everyone safe. They created packs of cloth masks available online for kids and adults. When searching “cloth masks” on their website, you can find a 5 pack of “surprise variety” masks for adults or kids for $12.50. These masks are designed according to what the CDC recommends for masks that are non-medical, so you know you will be protecting yourself the best way you can when you have to run errands. The masks sold at Old Navy have three layers and are made out of 100% cotton – so that means, they are soft, easy to breathe in and you will not be uncomfortable when wearing them when you need to. Also, Old Navy stated that they are donating 50,000 of their cloth masks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. If you are in need of a mask or know someone else who is that you can send one to, ordering 5 masks for under $13.00 will allow you to do your part to stay safe and help everyone else stay safe as well.

2. Reformation

One clothing store that is known for doing their part making the world a better place, is Reformation.  As a brand, they focus on sustainability and eco-friendly apparel. They have partnered with LA Protects in an effort to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Reformation is selling, hand-made cloth masks, in a variety pack of 5 masks for $25.00 on their website. Even though they cost more than Old Navy’s 5 pack of masks, they are still working together as a company to help support frontline workers and keep everyone safe. If you already have enough masks, you can buy $25 worth of 5 handcrafted masks as a donation to help others in need. Each mask is made from a blend of cotton, viscose, and Tencel and is reusable after they are washed. As wearing a mask seems to be a requirement for a majority of places right now, we will be able to have a good amount of them when ordering a pack of masks, for as long we need to wear them when in any store or public area where we cannot social distance from people. The cloth masks sold at Reformation are non-medical masks, but Reformation’s partnership with LA Protects helps make sure that essential workers have the protection that they need and that all healthcare workers have medical-grade masks available to them. Reformation has sold over 250,000 masks so far, as well as donated masks. They are working hard every day to ensure that people are taking care of themselves as well as others, by making as many masks as needed.

The Best Cloth Masks You Need To Buy ASAP
Courtesy of Reformation’s website.

3. American Blanket Company

Another store to shop online for masks is the American Blanket Company. When visiting their website, you can type in “mask” and be brought to a fleece mask that they are selling. Their fleece masks are available for sale in a 5 pack for $29.00. Not that the color of the mask really matters as long as it is protecting you, but they do have five colors to choose from (black, light gray, medium gray, pink, cream.) Since American Blanket Company’s masks are made from fleece, they are obviously a bit thicker than cloth masks we mentioned before. If you prefer a fleece covering or a thick material, American Blanket Company is the place to purchase your reusable masks online. Like other cloth masks, fleece masks are soft on your face while still keeping you safe. They can also be washed in order to make sure they are clean whenever you are having to wear a mask. When purchasing a pack of five fleece masks online at American Blanket Company, you will also know that they are making donations to healthcare workers and first responders with every purchase they receive. 

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The Best Cloth Masks That You Need To Buy ASAP
Courtesy of American Blanket Company’s website.

4. Baggu

Now, when you go online to Baggu’s website, you will see an option to click right on a “masks” section (which immediately highlights the importance of wearing a mask when it is needed.) While Baggu is known for having reusable bags, backpacks, totes, and pretty much any bag you could need – they are now another brand that is doing what they can to make sure reusable masks are worn everywhere. Their fabric masks come in sets of 3 masks and are sold for $32.00. They are also the most colorful masks for not having any prints on them, but just vibrant combinations of solid colors. When purchasing reusable masks from Baggu, their website shares that their specific cotton (Kona Quilter) used for making masks is made of quality thread that is good for stopping respiratory droplets, while providing comfort as well. While purchasing a pack of masks from Baggu, you will also be contributing to Baggu helping healthcare workers. Surgical masks will be donated through Masks4Medicine when a pack of 3 masks is sold online.

The Best Cloth Masks You Need To Buy ASAP

Where have you purchased your cloth masks from? Have you checked out any of these websites for masks? Let us know in the comments!

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