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The Best Cities To Travel To On A Budget

The Best Cities to Travel to On a Budget

Traveling is normally seen as an expensive thing to do. There are so many things that you have to buy for big trips. Plane tickets, hotels, outfits, tours, etc. It can be a bit overwhelming traveling to so many big and expensive places. We focus so much on big, extravagant places that we forget about all the beautiful cities here in our own backyard that we can get to for fairly cheap. So, if you’re looking for a cheap little getaway, here are a few cities to travel to if you’re on a budget.

New York City

Let’s get the big one out of the way. New York City is one of the most popular cities to travel to. There is enough here to last an entire week of vacation if not more. There are so many great restaurants and stands to eat at. With so many pizzas and hot dog choices, you have to try a little bit of everything here. New York is also a place where so many movies and shows have been filmed. If you’re a fan of Marvel movies, Seinfeld, or Friends amongst so many other sources of media, then you have to check out all the iconic locations. There are so many sites to see such as The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and The 911 Memorial. There are so many historical parts to New York that anyone would appreciate and respect. There are also so many beautiful spots for photos and to just experience life. This is a city that experiences every single season in full swing, so going any time of the year is a great idea. You can’t go wrong with picking the tight date.


One of the cities on the list that are more popular than the state itself. Chicago is a great city to explore with any group. You can take a relaxing boat tour that takes you around the city to see it form a different perspective. Millennium Park is home to the iconic Chicago bean that everyone goes crazy for. Make sure to stop by here to get your pictures in. Right below the bean you can enjoy some ice skating on a very nice arena. There are also so many delicious bakeries all over the city where you can enjoy many delicacies. The Skyneedle is another big stop in Chicago. Enjoy a beautiful view of the city from this amazing lookout. The view will leave you amazed and makes for a great spot for taking pictures. If you have a chance to go here during St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll be lucky enough to see the famous green rover of Chicago. This is a once-a-year event that makes Chicago one of the most festive cities to travel to.


When people think about Miami as one of their cities to travel to, they automatically think of beaches and sun. They are right to think that. Miami is iconic for their beaches for a reason. You get beautiful sunny skies and beautiful water. While the beaches might be a little crowded on certain days, it’s a small price to pay for a beautiful and relaxing beach day. Downtown Miami is also a great place to explore. You can stop by the Frost Museum which offers a lot of cool exhibits and shows to experience. Miami has many bars and clubs to hop around to. If you’re in the mood for something artistic then check out the popular Wynwood. Wynwood has become very iconic for Miami as it has beautiful art and great bars and restaurants to eat at. Miami is also not too far from the new Hard Rock Guitar shaped hotel. It’s a hotel in the shape of a guitar and it has a lot of restaurants and casinos surrounding it meant for anyone to come and enjoy.


One of the more recently discovered cities to travel to, Nashville has become a hotspot for tourist over the last few years. The first thing that you have to check out here is the Grand Ole Opry. Nashville is the home of country music for a reason. Even if country isn’t your cup of tea, there is still a lot of fun to come out of visiting the Opry. You can take a tour through the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and get to learn how the brews are made and even get to take part in a testing. There are so many different and unique ways to explore the city as well. You can do a boat tour, golf cart tour, double decker bus, or even a horse. The city offers a lot of ways to get around and encourages its tourists to do as much as they can in the time they are there.

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New Orleans

Now this city is one that a lot of people go to for a really good time. This is one of the cities to travel to if you want to have the ultimate party. The night life here is very vibrant and radiates through every corner and every single person there. There is no such thing as a calm and relaxing night here. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the city made sure to keep their spirits high and show their visitors just how lively they are. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history and culture to experience. There’s so much rich cuisine here to try. This city offers many tours that takes you through the heart of the town and takes you to the best spots to eat at. This is one of the best ways to get to try a little bit of everything. If you rather just remain by yourself or with your smaller party, there is also the option to do The Original Flavors walking food tour. New Orleans is also home to many haunted houses to explore and go through if you’re brave enough to do so.

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