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The Best Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Girlfriends This Weekend

The Best Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Girlfriends This Weekend

My favorite nights are girls nights with my best friends. As much as I love boys, there is nothing in this world that compares to a night with your besties where you can drink, watch movies, cry, and text your ex (not that I am condoning that decision.). Below I’ve made some suggestions on Chick Flicks you need to watch with your besties on your next girls night. Grab a bottle of wine, some snacks, and get ready to have the time of your life.

Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all time favorite movies. Not only is it wildly entertaining but it always leaves me with that, “I’m a bad bitch let’s go make my dreams come true.” feeling. Watching Andy try to balance her dream career and her love life is a relatable feeling we’ve all experienced and makes you wonder, if you had to choose between your dreams and love, what would you pick? I also put this movie on the list because it’s one of those movies where if you have very chatty friends, like I do, you won’t miss the big picture of it all if you start a conversation during it. Good news is, all of your girlfriends will for sure be obsessed with this go to classic.


Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is a total Rom-Com that makes you ponder the men that have come in and out of your life and what role they are playing in getting you to meet the one. This is a staple girlfriends movie night film that will most likely end in a very late night conversation about all of your romantic partners. I can guarantee this movie will end up giving you some sort of clarity on the men in your life and their place in your story. 


Magic Mike

Channing Tatum shirtless, need I say more? If you’re looking for a movie to fawn over some very sexy men and fantasize about the love affair you wish you could have with Channing Tatum, this is a perfect one. The only problem with this movie on girls night is that it usually leads to one or all of your friends messaging the man they’re interested in. Trust me, it stirs up all sorts of feelings. Open up a bottle of wine and throw this movie on and watch what happens. You will for sure have a great time. 

Legally Blonde

This is the perfect movie for a girls night where you or one of your girlfriends needs to be reminded of who the f*** you are. It’s also a classic that most people have seen so no worries if you get distracted and focus on something else. You can pick up in the middle and know exactly what’s going on. 


He’s Just Not That Into You

Ah, the bible of movies. I swear, this movie is more important for young girls than any life lessons someone could tell them. “He’s Just Not That Into You” is hands down one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and is guaranteed to make your girlfriends hooked. This story follows a few relationships going through their own issues with the message that if he really liked you, babe, you’d know. Whenever one of my friends is stressed over a man, I throw this movie on and bam! Even they see that they deserve much better. 

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Oh, the storyline in this movie is out of this world. “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is the ultimate feel good love story that shows all the ups and downs relationships go through. There are so many twists and turns that you and your girlfriends will be sucked in immediatly. It’s funny, sad, heartwarming, and sexy at some points (Thank you, Ryan Gossling.). 


See Also

Love Actually

Not only is this movie a perfect chick flick, but it’s festive, too! The way the writers meshed so many storylines perfectly into this holiday themed love story is remarkable. You are guaranteed to find a relationship that realtes to exactly how you’re feeling with your person of interest that will hopefully give you some clarity on where to go from here. You and your girlfriends are absolutely going to fall in love with this movie and some of the characters! 


Sex and The City

Sex and The City should be a go to movie for any girls nights. Yes, there is lots of love and sex, but at it’s core, Sex and The City is about you and your girlfriends. Plus, it may just inspire you to get up and move to New York City. It is a feel good movie that will always inspire you to go out and live your best life and trust that love will follow where you go. 

Valentines Day

If you’re close to valentine’s day, or even if it’s the middle of october, this movie is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The all-star cast and brilliant storylines will make you want to get up and kiss the man of your dreams. It perfectly captures the magic behind a day that was created to celebrate all things love and will leave you with butterflies. Go tell your girlfriends you love them after you watch this movie! 


I hope you all have the best girls night this weekend and enjoy these go-to Chick Flicks. Most Importantly, I hope these movies and this night remind you just how important your girlfriends are to you. Men will come and go but your friends are forever and these nights will always be the best memories. Let me know if you have any other Chick Flick suggestions. I am always open to new must see movies with my bffs. If you haven’t seen any of these movies before, go watch them, I promise you’ll love them. Let me know your thoughts after you watch them all in the comments below!