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The Best Cheap Summer Travels You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The Best Cheap Summer Travels You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The Best Cheap Summer Travels You Don't Want To Miss Out On

Traveling during the summer is a must, but it’s important to find cheap summer travels. You want to get the most out of your experience without going broke. If you’ve been itching for a new place to explore without shelving out a grandiose amount of money, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best cheap summer travels you don’t want to miss out on.

Fort Collins, Colorado

I spent four days in Fort Collins over fall and I can only picture how amazing it’ll be during the summer. This is a college town so they have all the makings of a fun little getaway: great shopping, amazing food, and fun bars for those who like to go out. An added bonus is how close Fort Collins is to so many great hiking spots! If you’re a national park fan, the Rocky Mountain National Park is only a couple hours away! You can even make this trip a 2-for-1 by spending a few days in Denver!

Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re in search of a little southern hospitality, check out Charleston, South Carolina. This town has kept all its charm and style from the 1900’s and is a popular town for romantic getaways. This is a coastal town so you get all the southern vibes with some amazing beach views. If you visit, you have to stop by Folly Beach. You get to walk down a path to “The Edge of America.” Some southern comfort food and a little saltwater getaway? Yes, please!


Newport, Rhode Island

Another coastal town because, come on, it’s summer! If you’re a fan of seafood and museums, Newport, Rhode Island is an obvious cheap, summer travel for you! This town is packed with history. There are several amazing and breathtaking sights and landmarks like the Marble House and the Elms. They have amazing  museums like the Breakers and Rosecliff! If you’re a fan of ocean drives and rugged coastlines, you need to check this place out.


Memphis, Tennessee

Where all my Elvis Presley fans at?! Memphis, Tennessee is not only home to great music and food, it’s also home to Graceland, Elvis’ home-turned-museum for all his fans! If you’re not a fan of the king of rock and roll, you still need to check this city out! Blues music is king and Beale Street is where it’s at every night; there’s always a musical performance going on in a street corner or bar. Have a drink and enjoy some amazing music.


Salt Lake City, Utah

This has been on my list of cheap summer travels for years. The weather, the food, the sites — Salt Lake City, Utah is a must-visit. The hub of the Mormon Faith, you need to check out Temple Square for a look at the legendary SLC Temple. They have a bunch of adorable small mom-and-pop shops that have been in the family for decades and are so much fun to explore. Salt Lake City also has so many fan outdoor activities like hiking or water activities!

Savannah, Georgia

To round out the list of coastal towns, here’s Savannah, Georgia! Similar to Charleston with its souther charm and coastal town vibes, Savannah offers its visitors a unique stay in the south. Check out the Savannah Historic District which has been preserved from its days in the late 1700’s (Yep, that far back!) You can also explore Forsyth Park for another way to experience the town’s history! Take a romantic walk along the Savannah River for awesome food and great shopping.

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I had the opportunity to visit the city of Zurich this summer and spent a weekend at Streetparade; the biggest EDM parade in the entire world.


Williamsburg, Virginia

In a state where the slogan is “Virginia is for lovers,” Williamsburg needs to make it onto your places for cheap summer travels! For those of us who are absolute Revolutionary War nerds (myself included!), this town is a must-visit. Check out the Colonial Williamsburg to experience a taste of colonial life! This is a living-museum where actors depict what life was like in the early days of America! Then visit the Government’s Palace — a pre-revolutionary British residence.

What are your cheap summer travels this year? Tell us below!

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