The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

Music festival time has finally approached! The time has come to rank the best celebrity looks from this year’s Coachella season. An array of stars, from Vanessa Hudgens to Hailey Bieber, attended the weekend festivities dawned in eye-catching looks. Read on to find out what we deemed as the best fashion decisions!

1. Vanessa & Stella Hudgens

We all already know that Vanessa Hudgens is theĀ queen of Coachella. Fans anticipate her outfits each year, admiring her effortless beauty and boho fashion. She consistently delivers some of the best celebrity looks at Coachella.

This year, she was joined on the throne by her beautiful sister Stella. The two frolicked in similar floral maxi dresses. Stella’s long black hair was tousled in beachy waves to match the laid-back vibe of her flower-child look. Vanessa kept cool in large hats. The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

2. Victoria Justice

Victoria’s entire outfit was nothing short of whimsical. She looked like a real-life fairy. Her dress was very plain which allowed for her hair to steal the spotlight.

In her soft curls, Justice had multi-colored butterflies scattered about. What a fun and creative summer look!

This was such an interesting and unique twist on Coachella style. Usually, the outfit is the eye-catcher, but not this time. For that reason, Victoria just had to make the list!

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

3. Ariana Grande

Though Grande didn’t attend as a festival-goer, her on-stage costumes were nothing short of fabulous, as expected.

Her flowy two-piece set was paired, in typical Ariana style, with her over the knee heeled boots. Her long sleeves gave the outfit an angelic vibe, while the buckled top gave her the signature diva attitude. She spiced up her typical ponytail with a headband

The sweetest part of this look? The pendant she wore as a choker once belonged to the late Mac Miller.

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

4. Hailey Bieber

Mrs.Bieber is always a fashionista, always delivering the best celebrity looks no matter where she is. Coachella wasn’t any exception to that.

The model showed off her body in a form fitting, low cut bodysuit, contrasted by loose-fitted boyfriend jeans.

She dressed up the look with several statement jewelry pieces. Around her neck, she wore a diamond ‘Barbie’ necklace. She topped off the look with a pair of unique rectangular diamond earrings.

This look is both casual and glam, and we are here for it.

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

5. Shay Mitchell

Shay always makes the best-dressed lists for a reason! She can truly pull off any look.

For Coachella, she chose to take the bohemian road, much like the Hudgens sisters.

Mitchell dawned a black crotchet fringed dress, with a black body suit underneath. To give dimension back to her waist, and accessorize, she used an intricate silver belt to tie the look together. This is a great outfit to stay cool in the desert heat, but also to achieve the care-free festival look.

Her hair was done with messy waves with braids scattered variously throughout to add to the boho-aesthetic.

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The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

6. Gigi Hadid

Gigi chose to wear an orange, black, and tan tie-dyed set, with simple black boots. The two-piece was detailed by scalloped cut-outs, which made it unique and also a great way to avoid getting too hot in California’s heat.

The tan colors matched perfectly with the color of Hadid’s hair, while the oranges brought out the undertones of her skin. She looked absolutely stunning in these colors.

Also… you really can’t go wrong with tie-dye at a music festival.

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

7. Billie Lourd

Billie kept her look simple and monochromatic, and it was everything.

She wore a burnt orange mini skirt, paired with a matching jacket. Underneath: a simple triangle bikini top in the same shade.

She posed in her effortlessly beautiful outfit against (can you guess it?) an orange wall.

She proved that you don’t need too much to be a fashionista. Sometimes, celebrity looks that are simpler turn out better.

The Best Celebrity Looks At Coachella 2019

Who do you think had the best celebrity looks this Coachella season? Let us know down below!

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