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The Best Cannabis Strains That Invoke Creativity

The Best Cannabis Strains That Invoke Creativity

The best cannabis strains for creativity are subjective, but anecdotal accounts and scholarly hypotheses show us that it, more than likely, causes creativity. We’ll take a look at the best strains and then go into how to get the most out of them. Many of these are Sativas, and so, may not be for inexperienced users. Wikipedia keeps the legality of cannabis updated pretty regularly (if you’re unsure).

Kali Mist

Ranker rated Kali Mist as the best of the best. Leafly reviewers also reported that this Sativa strain’s most felt effect is creativity. It’s got an uplifting and energetic high that will make your ideas snowball. It’s one of the best cannabis strains for creativity (if not the best). If you can get your hands on this stuff, then live it up.

Sojay Haze

This is a very good strain for creativity. Pennsylvania has this strain at its medical marijuana dispensaries, from Creso Labs. It gives you a clear-headed high without anxiety, allowing you to explore ideas without getting too overwhelmed by them. Unlike the other Sativas, this doesn’t give the user as much of a disorienting effect. Check out a review here.


This Sativa-heavy strain is pretty weighty. It’ll sucker-punch you if you do too much. We have it here in Massachusetts. This is definitely one of the best cannabis strains to get your creative subconscious rolling.

You’ll feel very uplifted and euphoric. It is not as focusing as reviewers tend to say, depending on how much you do. It’s a cross of California Orange and Skunk.

Purple Haze

This Sativa strain leads users to feel happy and euphoric. Named after the Hendrix song with the same name, its parents are Purple Thai and Haze. Put an uplifted spring into your step and create some music with this very popular strain.


This hybrid strain gives the user a semi-psychedelic high. A happy and euphoric nugget of joy that will induce creativity. As with all of these strains, you need to be on your A-game. Take care of yourself by trying not to get stuck with mental roadblocks.

Too many thoughts can be overwhelming—too many bad thoughts can be paralyzing. This has a higher amount of THC than a lot out there.

How To Get The Most Ideas

No music: it will fill that void with a powerful stimulus. The fewer stimuli and more white noise, the better: your brain will try to form its own patterns out of it. Edibles seem to inhibit one’s creativity. Gauge the high by smoking it. Be the tortoise, not the hare.

Your appetite will overtake your creativity. If you can help it, resist the urge to eat (easier said than done). Take a shower. Shower thoughts are awesome. High thoughts are awesome. Shower-high thoughts are like cerebral fertilizer. 

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How To Not Forget Those Ideas

Use the notes app your phone. Get a notebook. Go to a place with white noise. Voice recording apps might help if you forget how to English. Let those thoughts flow and edit them later. If you had a deliciously magical idea that you forget two seconds later, let it pass. Trying to find it is like trying to stop the flow of water. Just catch the next fish.

Tripping With Creativity

It’s definitely different than what people normally think of when they hear the word trip. There are no visuals. You become dazzlingly lucid, in a transcendent state that is a culmination of every sensory experience getting different inputs—creating a different state of consciousness.

If you choose to intentionally overdo it and trip, then you need to to do some pre-planning. The best music to listen to while you climb into a rabbit hole is trip-hop, hands down. Some people choose to trip alone, without a guide. That’s fine if you’re experienced with hallucinogenics.

If you’re new and want to start running before you can walk, maybe have a guide help you (one whom you trust very much). Don’t overdo it in an environment you don’t feel totally safe in.

What do you find to be the best cannabis strains for creativity? We’d love to know in the comments section below!

Featured image source: Wikimedia Commons