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The Best Candle Scents For Every Season

Sugar, spice and everything nice; you want a candle scent that covers all the bases. From light and refreshing to bold and spicy, there’s a scent for everyone. Some candles work better with different seasons and can even help you get in the mood for holidays! So stock up on these candle scents while you can to be prepared for every season.


1. Lilac Blossoms-Yankee Candle

Lilac is the unofficial scent of spring. We are 100% behind this statement, whether you are on board or not! When you see lilacs blooming, you know you are getting to the good part of spring. If you can’t wait for the flowers to bloom, you are going to want to grab a Lilac Blossoms candle instead. The combination of lilac and lavender will have you feeling like you are standing in a giant bush, while sitting in the middle of your living room. Burn it by itself, or even with another floral scent for an even greater smelling concoction. 

2. Champagne Toast-BBW

Cheers to spring and to April showers for bringing May flowers! If you’re going to celebrate, you should do it right. Grab your Champagne Toast candle, light it and relax. This candle scent is light enough to have it burn all day, yet strong enough to fill an entire room. While champagne itself can have drier scents, the candle version mixes in some berries to help balance it. This is a candle that you will want to have going all spring long. Make sure to stock up during the SAS!

3. Panjore Lychee-Voluspa

Fresh, fruity and feminine. That pretty much describes this candle scent. The Panjore Lychee candle is an intriguing mix of sweet and citrus. You would think it might be overwhelming, right? Wrong, this candle is light enough to burn all day. With more of a clean scent, it’s a great spring scent. You can have it in the living room as part of the decor, or save it for the bedroom when you need to relax. Either way, you’ll want to keep this scent on hand for whenever you need it. 


1. Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit -BBW

Ahh, there’s nothing like the tropical smell of an island while swaying in a hammock. Actually, we’re just burning a candle in our backyard wishing we’re on vacation! For those days when you just need a break from reality, light up an Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit candle. The combination of this candle scent is a tropical delight. Fruity and sweet, this candle is as close to the real thing as possible. You’ll be using this candle all summer long!

2. Goji And Tarocco Orange-Voluspa

If fresh and clean is more your speed, then you will love this candle scent. The Goji And Tarocco Orange candle is the perfect summer scent. With mostly citrusy smells, and just a hint of sweetness, it is refreshing without being over powering. Plus, all candles from Voluspa come in beautiful, ornate jars. Once you go through the candle itself, you can repurpose the jar as decor. These candles are a great gift for someone special, just make sure to keep one for yourself!

3. Lola Blosson-Capri Blue For Anthropologie

Nothing is prettier than wildflowers in the summer. It kind of makes you want to run through the field, doesn’t it? Instead of driving around trying to find fields of flowers, try lighting the Lola Blossom candle first! Trust us, this candle scent doesn’t disappoint. The floral scent has just the right amount of sweetness to get your attention. You can light the candle in any room for an all day, light refreshing smell. It will be your next go to summer scent!


1. Pumpkin Apple-BBW

Move over pumpkin spice and say hello to pumpkin apple! Yes, that’s right, pumpkin apple. It might sound a little strange, but it actually is an amazing candle scent. The spicier scents of pumpkin get balanced out with the crisper scents of apple. It’s basically a day at the cider mill, wrapped up into a glass jar. With a touch of cinnamon to give off cozy vibes, this scent is one that you are going to want to be burning all season long.

2. Mahogany Teakwood-BBW

Maybe, you share your space with a male and don’t want to overwhelm him with sweet scents. Maybe, you just like a clean strong scent. Whatever the reason, a Mahogany Teakwood candle is the way to go this fall! A little woodsy and a little spicy, what could be better. Since this scent does contain teakwood, it’s great for those of you who don’t want a super sweet smelling fall candle. If you have a large space, there is even a Mahogany Teakwood high intensity candle. So, you can have all the smells, all the time!

See Also

3. Autumn Leaves-Yankee Candle

There’s something about crisp, cool fall days that just make you want to light a candle and snuggle up with a blanket. When you want the scents of fall, but want to stay cozy, light an Autumn Leaves candle! Bring the outside, inside. With scents of orange, birch and maple, it has a little something for everyone. The candle scent is something you can have in the background at a gathering or when you want to spend the day reading a good book. It really can’t get much better than that. 


1. Christmas Cookie- Yankee Candle

There’s something about the smell of freshly baked cookies that gets us every time. If you’re not a baker (like us) or don’t want the temptation of actual cookies in the house, try this alternative. Buy a Christmas Cookie scented candle! This candle scent is the perfect way to balance out your desire for cookies and having your place smell great. Light the candle, grab a blanket and prepare for a movie marathon. With your candle lighted in the background, you set yourself up for the perfect evening. If your sweet tooth kicks in, you can always sneak a few cookies too, we won’t tell!

2. Marshmallow Fireside-BBW

Who doesn’t love cozening up in front of a warm fire. Add in marshmallows and you pretty much have the perfect night planned out. The Marshmallow Fireside scented candle gives off great smells, without all the stickiness that comes with eating roasted marshmallows. This candle scent is guaranteed to bring back fond memories of roasting marshmallows as a kid. Back when we didn’t have to worry about anything other than how many s’mores we could get away with eating! Bring those memories back and more with this great winter candle scent. 

3. Frasier Fir-Woodwick

If you’re going to get into the holiday spirit, you might as well go all out. So, put up the tree, hang garland and put out the potpourri! We’re going to assume you are using a fake tree, unless you’re lucky enough to have a real one. The only downfall of fake trees, is they don’t have a scent! We can help you fix that, with the Frasier Fir scented candle. This candle will make everyone think you spent all day looking for the perfect tree to bring home. Not only that, but this candle brand crackles like a fire. You can light it and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time with your tree. 

Which candle scent is your favorite? What scent are you currently burning in your home? Comment and share with us below!

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