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The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Shopping at department stores can feel like such an antiquated way to score new duds, which is why you NEED the Nordstrom anniversary sale to liven things up a bit. This yearly event is the perfect place to get new clothes for fall, or some cute summer stuff for that last-minute vacation before the year picks up again in September.

These are all the best things you can get at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and you can get them all online because who has the time to go to the mall anymore? Get your cards out, babes. These hot picks are about to be an integral part of your fall wardrobe!

Midi Slipdress

Anyone who’s been reading fashion magazines lately knows slipdresses are the best fall-find. Bonus points if you wear it over a tight tee-shirt and pair with white sneakers. This can be dressed up with statement jewelry, or worn with a jean jacket to make it more casual.

It’s way too cute and comfy to not wear all the time! The BP floral slip dress could be your first choice for the first day of school. The best part about it? It can be yours for less than $40.

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

High Waist Bike Shorts

Take it from Kim Kardashian– bike shorts are here to stay. Snag a pair from the Nordstrom anniversary sale for about 30 bucks, and you’re ready for a long day spent at the library finishing up that paper you’ve been procrastinating on. I like the look with a crop top to show off your figure, or a baggy sweatshirt for when full-on leggings sound like too much, even in the frigid AC. 

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Makeup Palettes

I dream of the day when I can afford to pay full price for Charlotte Tillbury, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown, but alas, I have to wait for the Nordstrom anniversary sale to pull the plug while saving enough money for rent. These brands and many more will be selling their stuff for 40 percent off (or more), so you can *finally* snag that gorgeous palette you’ve been obsessing over. 

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Quality Bras

Bras are absurdly expensive– it’s just another con to being a woman. Fortunately, tons of luxury bras will be yours for nearly half the original price at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Stop paying for polyester ones that barely fit right, and get your dream bra at this year’s sale.

Already got enough bras? Stock up on sexy underwear and the comfiest loungewear you’ll ever spend money on. Nordstrom has it all!

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Fresh Handbags

Need a new bag for school or work? Look no further. All the hottest designer bags will go on sale starting July 19th all the way through early August. Last year I scored the cutest mini backpack that’s perfect for festivals or running around the city doing errands.

You won’t regret picking up one of Nordstrom’s handbags at this years anniversary sale. You’ll want to keep it in your closet forever, and who knows? It just might become your new go-to bag. From carry-all totes to the tiniest of purses, you’re guaranteed to find something.

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The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Good American Jeans

Yes, you read that right. Khloe Kardashian’s very own brand of jeans will be marked down during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. This denim brand is incredibly inclusive, and usually extremely expensive. Now is the time to get a pair you will wear until they rip to shreds (which is still chic, by the way), so run, don’t walk, to the nearest mall and see what all the hype is about.

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Winter Fleeces

With this heat, it seems impossible to imagine temps will ever go down, but this is a deal you don’t want to pass up. A lovely fleece goes well with any outfit, and you can take it anywhere. Throw it on over a pair of jeans if you’re going for a long hike, or wear them with boots if it’s extra chilly. This is something you absolutely need in your closet, so snag one while you can at the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hunter Rain Boots

These are a splurge, but a must-buy because they look great with anything and never go out of style. I bought mine full price (sigh), but you don’t have to because of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Both the short ones and the tall ones can be yours if you get there before they’re all sold out! Get them in black or gray if you want an instant outfit update, or a funkier color to liven up those gray winter days.

The Best Buys At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Which one of these fresh finds are you going to pick up at the Nordstrom anniversary sale? We want to hear about it in the comments!

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