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The Best Bubble Tea Spots In New York City

The Best Bubble Tea Spots In New York City

Bubble tea has become so popular that the demand is so high. Now bubble tea places are becoming so common in New York and new yorkers are loving it. There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of boba to start your day right or keep your day going. There are some really great spots to get bubble tea in New York and here are a few.


This little cafe is located in Chinatown and is a really great and unique spot for some bubble tea. They have all the classic flavors like taro or green tea but what they are most known for is their beautiful bubble tea called Lychee Rose Tea. This bubble tea is a delicious fruity drink with whole lychee fruits and rose petals in it. It also has a sprinkling of gold dust to give it that elegant touch. Alimama is also well known for its mochi donuts so be sure to grab some Taro mochi munchkins while you’re there. Alimama is also super well known for their boba cream puff that is the best dessert for any bubble tea lover. 


Boba Guys

Boba Guys are located on Canal St. and is a super popular bubble tea spot in New York. Well known for their Matcha Latte and their Strawberry Matcha Latte this is a great spot to get some quality bubble tea. They have a good selection of unique bubble tea flavors. You can try their unique flavors like their Ube Latte or their Dirty Horchata. They get a lot of people that visit from all over because Boba Guys is a well-known name. It is definitely most popular because of its special and different bubble tea flavors. 


There are Gongcha bubble tea shops all over New York and this is the best place to get some authentic natural tasting tea. The teas at Gongcha some of the best if you’re looking for bubble tea that has some real tea flavor. They have a very wide selection of really unique bubble tea flavors. Their most popular drink is the milk foam green tea. When you order this drink you have to flip it upside down before putting your straw in so you can mix the creamy foam with the rich green tea. This will leave you with this creamy, refreshing, delicious drink that you just can’t find anywhere else.



Vivis is one of the cutest bubble tea spots that you can find all over New York. With their adorable pink aesthetic and skull mascots, Vivi’s is hard to miss when you pass by its pink storefront. They have a lot of fun looking for drinks that are perfect for an Instagram moment. Try out their blue galaxy drink that is a fruity blue drink that is just as delicious as it looks. Vivi’s is a great place to visit for that Instagram worthy aesthetic drink. 

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is one of the reliable bubble tea spots you can find all over New York. They have a big selection of bubble tea and will always have just what you’re craving. Their tea is always delicious, sweet, and perfect for anyone trying bubble tea for the first time. They are most known for their fruit teas that are always a yummy and refreshing treat. Some Kung Fu Tea chains have a chicken branch attached that sells really good fried chicken to go with your bubble tea.



Yayas can be found in some boroughs of New York is the best spot to find some fun named bubble tea. My personal favorite being the Hulk, you can find other bubble teas with clever names like this one that is on theme with the store. They also sell other Asian snacks at Yayas. Yayas is also well known for selling their onigiri, or rice balls. It’s the perfect on the go snack because it’s delicious, filling, and easy to eat. Be sure to grab an onigiri when you stop by Yayas for some bubble tea. 

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a really popular spot in New York to get bubble tea. They are well known for their brown sugar bubble tea. This bubble tea is perfect for someone with a big sweet tooth because it not only has brown sugar milk tea in it but the sides of the cup are lined with a brown sugar caramel sauce that makes the drink extra sweet.

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I’Milky has some of the cutest bubble tea you’ll ever see. The cups are already adorable with their round bubble-like design. They have so many different unique flavors of bubble tea that you can try. They even have special cups for different seasons like a seasonal snowman-shaped bubble teacup that’s a limited edition for the winter.


Shiny Tea

Shiny Tea on Broadway is the perfect bubble tea spot for classic bubble tea drinkers. They stick to basics with their perfect and simple bubble tea. You can’t go wrong with a good milk tea at Shiny Tea. They are known for being one of the few bubble tea spots that serve vinegar-based drinks. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something classic or new.

If Cha

If Cha is a hidden gem found in New York. They are most well known for their golden fruit teas. It’s the perfect spot for a fruity drink on a warmer day. Their bubble tea is always super refreshing and is great for the fruit lover in you. They have a lot of different flavors for a fruity tea. They provide a wide array of fruity flavors along with creamy options as well. They also serve hot drinks as well so in colder days you can still get your fill of If Cha. 


Which of these bubble tea places are you going to try out in New York? Is there a bubble tea spot in New York we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family so they can find the best bubble tea spots in New York.