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The Best Brunch Spots In Atlanta For When You’re Hungover

The Best Brunch Spots In Atlanta For When You’re Hungover

Atlanta has many delicious food spots, to help cure your hangover at brunch. These top restaurants are the best brunch locations that are fast and convenient!

1. Metro Cafe Diner

For a place you can stop by at anytime, the 24 hour diner known as the Metro Cafe on Peachtree , is the perfect Atlanta spot. They have a breakfast menu with no time limit, when you need something hardy and nutritious. If you want to skip breakfast and go straight for lunch, choose from their all-american menu. They serve hamburgers and baby back ribs. They also serve Greek-inspired food like gyro and Greek salad. If you want a go-to fried favorite, they serve hot wings and fries. 

The neon lighting sets the perfect scene, when eating with friends. Once you’re done, you can get a little greenery at the park that’s only a couple of blocks away. You can also stop a couple of blocks away at the Walgreens drug store, to pick up some aspirin or ibuprofen for your headache. They often have live entertainment, if you want to return after brunch for Karaoke with a live DJ. Karaoke happens every night at 8 pm!


2. Mary Macs Tea Room

Mary Macs Tea Room is an iconic restaurant located in downtown Atlanta. You can stop by for southern cuisine and breakfast sides like cheese grits. The menu is very eclectic, with everything from fish to fried green tomatoes and cinnamon roles. Mary Macs Tea Room has been serving delicious food, for 70 years. The scene is very much reminiscent of sitting at the dinning room table, eating Sunday dinner. Load up on foods that will fill you up and give you an immunity boost, like vegetable soup and green beans. The sides menu alone will leave you drooling, with fan favorites like macaroni and cheese, squash souffle and sweet potato souffle. When you’re ready for dessert, dive into a hot brown sundae, vanilla ice-cream and peanut butter pie with homemade Oreo crust. 


Mary Macs Tea Room is also only a couple of miles away from Piedmont Park. Stop by to get fresh air, by walking the trail or watching ducks in the lake. This way, you can soothe any queasiness you may have.

3. Waffle House

You can never go wrong with any Waffle House location in Atlanta, when you’re trying to cure a hangover. The Piedmont Ave location is conveniently located near the Georgia State University campus, with breakfast and lunch items also served 24 hours a day. Enjoy signature waffles made with pecans, peanut butter, or chocolate chip. The hash-brown  menu is the star, with offerings like smothered grilled onions, melted cheese, grilled tomatoes, and many more options. Grab an orange juice to wash down your headache medicine and to get your fluid intake going, so you’ll feel better. If you don’t want breakfast, you can always choose from the lunch and dinner menu. Order a juicy hamburger made with Angus beef, topped with options like jalapenos and mushrooms. 

Not only is the food great, they have convenient seating at the booth table or the bar. You can eat in and enjoy the scenery from the large windows, or you can order your food ahead of time and take it to go. If you know you’re going to need more Waffle House for days after your drunken nights, join the Regulars Club. The Regulars Club provides you with email discounts, to reduce your future food order bills.


4. Atlanta Breakfast Club

If you’re looking for a low-key spot to chill and nurse your hangover, try Atlanta Breakfast Club. The menu is packed with traditional breakfast meals and tasty lunch selections. Try their fluffy, buttermilk pancakes and old-fashioned oatmeal, when you want a hardy meal that will fill you up. They also serve the southern popular, chicken and waffles, which is the perfect sweet and salty blend. The Atlanta Breakfast Club doesn’t stop at traditional dishes, with unexpected selections like peach cobbler french toast. If you always gravitate towards breakfast dishes with eggs, try their build-your-own omelettes. You can pack your dish with ingredients like smoked pork bacon, seasoned vegetables, and cheddar cheese. 

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If you want to grab lunch, instead of breakfast, they have plenty to choose from. Try the Seafood Gumbo with New Orleans style crawfish and gulf shrimp. They also have a delicious fried chicken sandwich topped with buttermilk ranch dressing, sliced tomatoes and more. Enjoy your sandwich with fries or a salad. They serve coffee, along with hot tea and fountain drinks. The scenery is very chill, with an industrial-style mixed with classic diner. Take a second to hang out and invite your best-friend who might also need a pick-me-up!

5. Buttermilk Kitchen

Buttermilk Kitchen is an Atlanta restaurant that caters directly to the brunch crowd, with their Brunch menu. Enjoy the creative blend of foods that will confuse your taste buds (in a good way!). Ray’s Waffle Burger is one of many specialty food dishes they serve. Stacked with a half pound sausage-beef burger, bacon, pimento cheese, and red pepper jelly, you will not forget an unexpected eating experience. The special menu also has a build-your-own breakfast plate or platter, that’s served with breakfast sides and a biscuit. If you want to go for the premium sides, try pimento grits or a Jerusalem bagel. If you need some vitamin C at the end of your meal, try their freshly-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.


For the coffee lovers, they serve hot pressed coffee, as well as cold coffee with almond milk. A great benefit to eating at Buttermilk Kitchen, is the dishes that cater to you, when you’re only looking for something light to start with. Enjoy their Bowl of Granola that’s made up of house roasted granola, organic berries, yogurt and milk. This is the perfect meal to put on your stomach, when you’re not feeling too well. No matter which meal you choose, be sure to try their banana pudding the create, with special-made wafers. 

With so many great menus at Atlanta brunch spots, which one will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

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