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The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to some of the most delicious eateries, but it’s also home to the best beer. Breweries are popping up all over Cincinnati, and people are ditching crowded overpriced bars for relaxing and refreshing breweries; for a good reason. Breweries tend to be more laid back, meaning that you can actually have a conversation and catch up with your friend without having to scream. Although there are so many breweries in Cincinnati, these are they ones you cannot miss!

1. Rhinegeist 

Rhinegeist is one of the OG breweries of Cincinnati and also one of the most loved. Rhinegeist has ample seating, tons of open space and plenty of games. Even when they are busy, you hardly notice because you aren’t smushed up against everyone the way you are at bars. They have a gorgeous rooftop with incredible views, just make sure you go before it’s too cold. With live music and tons of events, any Cincy native has been here multiple times, it’s no secret that Rhinegeist rules the Cincinnati brewery scene but with all they have to offer, we can see why.

Their beers are sold nationwide, and can be found at any gathering in Cincinnati. Truth, one of their IPA’s, is one of their most popular drinks along with their beloved rosé cider, Bubbles, which is the pinnacle drink for girls when they first start drinking. It was White Claw before White Claw was cool, but way better tasting and actual flavor. Located in OTR, just past Findley Market, this is a Cincinnati icon.

Also let it be known, that I won FRIENDS trivia here out of 100+ teams, so Rhinegeist has truly seen me at my best and my worst.

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

2. MadTree Brewery 

MadTree, like Rhinegeist was one of the original breweries before breweries were even cool. They also have ample room for seating, but if you get there once they’re already busy, you’ll probably be standing. They have TV’s with the current sports playing as well as live music and games. Unlike most of the other breweries on the list, MadTree has food in-house. The other places typically let you order and have it delivered, or you’re welcome to bring your own. MadTree has a woodfired pizza joint inside, and there is truly not a more iconic duo than pizza and beer.

Their most loved drinks are psychopathy, their hoppy IPA, and their lift, a lighter beer with orange notes. It’s like Blue Moon, but better. MadTree doesn’t have a rooftop to compete with the other breweries but they do have a beer garden outback which they cover in the winter and heat for more seating but it’s best viewed in the summer at night. 

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

3. Braxton Brewery

Braxton Brewery is just across the river in Covington, KY. This places has a massive reputation in Cincinnati breweries. They are much smaller in size than the other two, but they have just as big of a fan base. They have been so popular in the past few years that in the past 6 months alone, they opened a rooftop bar, which opens up and is gorgeously designed and even has faux grass. They also just opened a second location in Fort Mitchell, KY and it’s just as amazing as the first.

The new location is called the barrel house, here you can do more than what typical breweries offer as far as taking beer home. Most breweries have taps where they will pour it and seal it for you, or they have growlers which are just giant jugs of your favorite beer. Here you can actually make your own beer. And yes, you are reading that correctly.

This takes more work than the others and you have to wait awhile to taste your product, but you get to meet with one of their brewers and discuss what kind of beer you’re wanting to create, they take you through the entire process, and it ages for awhile in one of the barrels. When the product is ready for you to taste, they let you be the first one to try it and then make any final touches you want on it. And when your creation is finally ready, they bottle it up for you to take home and enjoy. It’s a lengthier process and it’s more costly than just ordering a Storm, but creating your own barrel aged beer is pretty unique. 

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

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4. Urban Artifact

Urban Artifact, is one of the most beautiful of all the breweries. It’s located inside of an old church and has been redesigned to fit the breweries needs. They still have gorgeous stained glass, and have emphasized the structural beauty of the building, without making it feel like you’re sitting inside of a church. They specialize in fruitier and sour beers so ask the barista for their best suggestion based on your beer likes. Or if you’re feeling more daring, try their pickle beer. Pickle lovers everywhere are obsessed with this sour beer.

And while you’re there, head next door to Humble Monk Brewery. This is a much younger brewery, but they definitely know their stuff. Their beer is smooth and doesn’t taste nearly as hoppy as the big breweries. They have a more rustic look to them verses Urban Artifact but both are so well designed and different you can’t stop at one without visiting the other!

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

5. Samuel Adams Tap Room

Sam Adams is the beer your dad drinks when he’s feeling like something different than a Budlight. Well, I am now starting to see why and will be joining my dad with a Sam Adams myself. Sam Adams already had a really high and well know reputation, it’s a global beer brand started in Boston, the tap room fits perfectly in Cincinnati. 

The Taproom is located in OTR, along with some of the best restaurants and bars in the city so it fits perfectly with the atmosphere. They have a huge outside patio, but their inside is just as impressive. Other than typical games, they have corn hole, rocking chairs, bench swings, fire pits  and giant barrels everywhere, perfect for your instagram background. Sam Adams may be a Boston brand but it’s right at home in Cincy.  

The Best Breweries In Cincinnati

Which brewery in Cincinnati are you going to check out? Comment below your favorite beer from and which brewery is already your go-to! 

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